THE UFO CONSPIRACY BY DR. FRANK E. STRANGES ,Occult,Esoteric,Metaphysical,Alien

THE UFO CONSPIRACY BY DR. FRANK E. STRANGES ,Occult,Esoteric,Metaphysical,Alien

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The wheels of the giant plane dropped with a single lurch as they prepared to land in Berlin. They were greeted by a well known composer-musician, Dr. Herbert Doermann. He and David had met many times before. Herbert personally drove them in his car to Busum, which was about 70 kilometers from Holstein. Busum was on the coast of Helgoland Bay. Helgoland is a small remote island off the German North Frisian Group, lying in the North Sea, at an angle between the coast of Schleswig-Holstein and the Estuaries of the Jade.

“One night, we thought our island was hit by an electrical storm. It rained as never before. The winds reached hurricane velocity. We saw three flashes of lightning at the same time. The dog barked, growled and moaned in the corner. We saw many repeated flashes. We saw something black rising out of the water and saw the funnel grab what looked like a ‘flying saucer.’ Then later came the police and the military demanding that we leave our homes.”

The UFO Conspiracy by Dr. Frank E. Stranges

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