Hermetic Scrying Mirrors

Specialized Scrying Mirrors in a Handmade Box.

A multilayered Dark (Black) Mirror, made out of two, hollow glass discs with four active layers and with each layer corresponding to one of the four elements. Between the two glass disks is the heart of the mirror - a layer of natural wax and ash, which works as an energy reserve and that, after sanctifying the mirror, works as a volt.

The fluidic condensers for the Mirror are made from plants that  were collected at the appropriate astrological times with every layer of the Mirror applied by hand.

The manufacturing process for each mirror is based of the experiments of Czech hermetics, Otakar Griese, Pierre de Lasenic, František Kabelák, and Franz Bardon between the 1920s - 1970s along with Lukáš' own 15 years of experiments, practice, and innovations.

Every mirror has been tested by the manufacturer in order to be absolutely certain that they work properly and the ones that did not were discarded during their manufacturing. The Dark Mirror has a grayish-black color with tiny sparkles that flicker in the light.

Each mirror is handmade, unique, and no two mirrors are the same.

The diameter of each mirror is about 15 cm / 6 in.

Every mirror comes with detailed instructions for their use, which elaborates further on their theory and practice.