Theurgy Scrying Mirror

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For the very first time in the history of Occult-N-Things  we are offering a mirror that enables a theurgic praxis in Magic (astral) world to all admirers of occultism.

A uniquely designed, hand-crafted mirror with the diameter 150 mm (6 inches) grants direct access to the Divine plane of Magic world to a prepared Magician. It is intended primarily for Theurgy within the meaning of Magic; it allows us direct contact with the Genies of all spheres and ages and thereby DIRECT ACCESS TO THE MAGIC TRADITION in the creative sense of the word.

Even a sole meditation with the mirror strongly purifies the human soul, because the mirror (when charged properly) is in connection with the pure Spiritual plane.

The package consists of the mirror in a custom made hard case created by a master bookbinder and a practical manual in English.

The mirror design is NOT an adaptation of old formulas. The mirror thus well suits the contemporary men, which makes the praxis easily accessible to all occultist with the necessary Magic training.

The gate of the Heavens is open!

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