Urdu: Readings in Literary Urdu Prose

Urdu: Readings in Literary Urdu Prose

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Book Specification

Item Code: NAJ897
Author: Gopi Chand Narang
Publisher: National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language
Language: Arabic Text with English Translaiton
Edition: 2002
Pages: 111
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 130 gm

Book Description


The National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL), an autonomous organisation under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Secondary and Higher Education, Government of India, has been set up to promote, develop and propagate Urdu Language. To meet the above objectives the Council has decided to launch a Certificate Course of Urdu on distance mode. The learning materials have been specially designed by a team of experts drawn from different Universities and Institutions as well as the in-house experts.

I express my deep thanks to Dr. M.JWarsi who teaches at University of Michigan, U.S.A for preparing this "Exercise Book and Grammatical Notes" to accompany URDU: Readings in Literary Urdu Prose by Prof. Gopi Chand Narang keeping in view the lexical, grammatical and stylistic difficulties of those learners who have just entered the field of Urdu and have started to read the Urdu language m its beautiful script. Efforts have been made to present the book in as simple a form as possible.

I hope that the book will meet the requirements of the target group and the students will find it useful.


This Exercise Book is prepared to accompany URDU: Readings in Literary Urdu Prose by Professor Gopi Chand Narang. The text comprises graded selections from literary Urdu prose and excerpts from speeches keeping in view the lexical and stylistic difficulties. It provides learners with an elementary knowledge of Urdu a smooth transition to advanced lelvel introducing features of the cultural tradition.

This book explains the major types of grammatical constructions and provides exercises for practice. A brief description of grammatical terms is given at the beginning of each Unit so that the learners are acquainted with grammatical rules while attempting exercises. It is obvious that this is not a comprehensive grammar of Urdu. I have mainly presented brief notes on grammatical terms used in the text. I do not claim to have covered every grammatical feature of Urdu, but I hope It would help the learner to get a broad understanding of the Urdu language.

The book is aimed primarily for learners who feel a need for explicit discussion of basic grammatical features and profit from attempting general exercises. I hope the book will serve the purpose for which it is written.


Unit I Some Old Tales (Part-I): Gopi Chand Narang 11
Unit I Some Old Tales (Part-II): Gopi Chand Narang 17
Unit II The Arabian Nights: Gopi Chand Narang 22
Unit III True Love Zakir Hussain 28
Unit IV Premchand Qamar Rais 34
Comparative and Superlative Degrees
Unit V Godan Premchand 42
Reflexive Possessive
Unit VI Umrao Jan Ada MirzaM. Hadi Ruswa 52
Adverbial Expressions
Unit VII Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan Sayyid Ehtisham Husain 60
Emphatic Particles
Unit VllI FancyFair Muhammad Husain Azad 64
Unit IX Maulana Azad in Lok Sabha Abul Kalam Azad 69
Subha Present and Past
Unit X Nam Dev Gardener Maulavi Abdul Haq 74
Unit XI A Road a Quarter Mile Krishan Chander 81
Long Use of Reduplication
Unit XII Celibacy Mahatma Gandhi 86
Pronouns and Postposiions Conjunctive Particle
Unit XIII Charpoy Rash id Ahmad Siddiqui 91
Future tense
Unit XIV Jawahar Lal Nehru Ale Ahmad Suroor 95
Use of 'to have' Numerals
Unit XV Mirza Ghalib Altaf Husain Hali 100
Oblique of and as demonstrative pronoun
Unit XVI Bagh-o-Bahar Mir Amman Dehlavi 105
Voice (active and passive)

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