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Year published: 2019 

Language: English 

144 pages, hardback 

First edition, Circulation 800 copies

We are offering this second book 

This book was originally intended for a small inner circle of Lasenic’s students, as training and initiatory material for Lasenic’s lodges and we are very lucky and fortunate that these same students managed to preserve this material so that we have it today, and so that it can be offered not only to Martinists but also to students of any school of Hermeticism, either members of lodges or solitary practitioners, as Lasenic managed to put together what is not only considered to be one of the greatest gems of Czech Martinism but of the entire Czech Hermetic Tradition.

Lasenic was an initiate of the S.E.S. (Egyptian Secret Society), the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, the co-founder of Universalia, the founder of Horev-Club, and also ran the Paragawa Martnist lodge in Prague.

This book will also be of immense benefit and invaluable for the students of Franz Bardon’s system, Initiation Into Hermetics, as it helps give his system much needed context. 

In addition, this book not only features Lasenic’s initiations of the first two degrees, but also includes additional material such as The Planetary Commandments for evocational purposes along with much more material that is useful for the hermetic to practice and work with throughout their day. This book also includes previously unpublished material and photos of Czech hermetics and the main members of Czech Martinistic lineage.

All of the books from this series are being published in a limited number of prints, 

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