A Ring Around the Moon Hardback

A Ring Around the Moon Hardback

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A Ring Around The Moon

Witch Rites Revisited

An initiate of both Traditional and Modern Witchcraft, the author gives here the actual rites and rituals of a working Coven, from an insider’s point of view. These rites were developed by the Coven themselves over a period of nearly a quarter of a century and give a fascinating insight into the actual workings of an initiate-only Coven. As the Coven itself has ceased practice and is no longer in existence, and a significant period of time has elapsed, the secrecy surrounding these rites may now be lifted and they are here offered as working examples, which other Covens may benefit from.

As well as giving a brief, historical overview of the origins of the Coven and the parent group it derived from – which in itself is fascinating reading –  the rites detailed cover devotional, magical and festive rituals, rites for the Greater and Lesser Sabbats, rites for the God and Goddess, rites of passage and workings for solitary practice. Wherever possible, background information is given, explaining the origins and inspirations for these rites and how and why they came to be written.

In addition, there are two appendices, detailing more unusual rites practised by the Coven. In Appendix I, the author gives a unique ritual – developed from information received via trance and dream work – that takes the practitioners on a mystical journey to the mythical island of Avalon, seeking knowledge of the return of the Old Ways and what they may do to aid this return. Appendix II gives details of magical rites practised by an inner group of the Coven, working with ceremonial magic techniques and the Egyptian deities Isis and Ra.

There are many books around these days, dealing with the rites of modern Witchcraft, but very few are written from an initiated insider’s point of view. The author has 40 years of practical experience in working the Craft and, for many of those years, was the Priest of the Coven whose rites are discussed here. He helped to craft and write a great many of them and was instrumental in formulating others with the rest of the Coven.

This is a highly unusual and individual book, giving as it does a glimpse of the inner life of a single Coven over a period of nearly 25 years, its working practices and magical ethos.


Chapter 1 – Historical Prelude.

Chapter 2 – Rites of the Goddess

                        Ritual in three parts to Honour the Triple Goddes
                        Ritual to the Earth Mother
                        Rite for the Festival of Arianrhod.

Chapter 3 – Rites of the God

                        Rite to Honour the Horned One
                        The Green Man Rite
                        The Rite of the Sun
                        Rite for the Festival of Herne.

Chapter 4 – Devotional Rites

                        New/Waxing Moon Devotional Rite
                        Full Moon Devotional Rite
                        Waning Moon Devotional Rite
                        Celebration of the Sacred Waters.

Chapter 5 – Rites of Passage

                        Return to the Mother.
                        Healer Dedication.

Chapter 6 – Solitary Rites

                        Solo Solar Rite to Grainne and Lugh
                        Eucharist of the Goddess
                        The Spiral of Seven Prayers.
                        A Solitary Rite to the Lord Ra.

Chapter 7 – Greater Sabbats

                        All Hallows
                        May Eve

Chapter 8 – Lesser Sabbats

                        Winter Solstice
                        Spring Equinox
                        Summer Solstice
                        Autumn Equinox.

Chapter 9 – Magical Rites

                        Power Raising Chant
                        Rite for Peace-Healing
                        Cornish Eclipse Protection Rite
                        Cornish Eclipse Thanking Rite
                        Urban Regeneration Rite
                        A Rite for a Lottery Win
                        To Cleanse an Object for Magical Work
                        The Binding Rite of the Dark Queen
                         A Healing Rite
                         A Simple Scrying Rite
                        Charm of Exorcism
                        A Spell for Banishment
                        House Blessing Ritual.

Appendix I – The Avalonian Rite.

Appendix II – The Rites of Isis and Ra.

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