169 Ways to do Vastu of Your Bedroom: Harmonize Your Bedroom as per Vastu

169 Ways to do Vastu of Your Bedroom: Harmonize Your Bedroom as per Vastu

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Item Code: AZH619
Author: Pankaj Verma and Saniya Mittal
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9781648282546
Pages: 38
Other Details 8.00x5.00 inch
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Book Description

About The Authors

Dr. PANKAJ VERMA is a world-renowned Vedic Astrologer, Vastu Shastri, Remedy Expert & Geo-Energy Healer, having an experience of more than 26 years in the industry. He is a TV celebrity, also known as REMEDY KING. He has been featured on many religious channels and served thousands of clients and NRI Indians in more than 17 countries worldwide. He is known for his precise and accurate predictions, effective vastu remedies and spiritual distant healing.

Writer of The International Best Seller: "THE GREAT BIBLE OF REMEDIAL VASTU"

Acharya SANIYA MITTAL is a known face in vastu and tarot world. She has mastered the art of applying vastu with her rich background of B.Sc. in Interior Designing and Masters in Vastu Shastra. Her vast experience along with practical knowledge of architecture and space management has given her an edge over other vastu consultants to excel in the field of remedial vastu & vedic vastu shastra.


Our Ancient Vastu shastra contains information about town planning, temple vastu, great forts, palaces and residences. But at that time, agriculture was the main occupation and major source of earning. But vastu's application majorly came into existence when the mass manufacturing and trading started, involving travelling and merchandise activities. Hence, focus has been shifted from agriculture to commercial and industrial establishments as a main source of income and livelihood.

But in modern context, application of Ideal Vastu has been changed to Compatible Vastu. The focus has been shifted towards space management. Where in metropolitans, spaces have begun shrinking day by day due to high cost of land and focus on ideal vastu started diminishing. From here the trend of compatible vastu started taking shape, where importance of utilizing every inch of the available space became more important than applying ideal vastu principles. To cope up with bad effects of vastu doshas and due to space management issues, remedial vastu came into picture. Ideal vastu has been replaced by compatible vastu, resulting in placemental changes according to convenience, requirements and the amount of space available in the dwelling. Hence, changing the perspective of ancient vastu shastra and its age-old occult remedies.

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