Agreement in Dravidian Languages

Agreement in Dravidian Languages

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Book Specification

Item Code: UAN187
Author: B. Ramakrishna Reddy
Publisher: International Institute of Tamil Studies, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2003
Pages: 256
Other Details 8.50 X 5.50 inch
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Book Description


The present publication, entitled Agreement in Dravidian Languages is the result of a special symposium held during the 25th All India Conference of Dravidian Linguists and the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Dravidian Linguistics Association. The International Institute of Tamil Studies, Chennai and the Dravidian Linguistics Association, Thiruvananthapuram were jointly organised the above celebrations during 17th to 21st June, 1997 at the premises of the International Institute of Tamil Studies.

The I.I.T.S. which was hosting the above celebrations came forward to publish the proceedings of the above symposium. Prof. B. Ramakrishna Reddy, the editor of this book, not only conducted the session successfully, but also spent his precious time in editing the papers and bringing out the laser copy of this publication.

I also thank Dr. A. Thasarathan, the then Special Research Fellow of the I.I.T.S. who helped in the preparation of an earlier laser version.


The Dravidian Linguistics Association (DLA) has been holding its annual Conferences regularly in different parts. of India right from its inception. The annual meet has become an important academic event in the life of the senior scholars as well as the research students. Apart from general (simultaneous) sessions, plenary talks are arranged every year under the label of Endowment Lectures. Many of these Lectures have appeared in the form of research papers in the International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics (IJDL).

The Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the DLA and the 25th All India Conference of Dravidian Linguists (AICDL) were held in Chennai in collaboration with the International Institute of Tamil Studies (IITS) during 17th to 21st June 1997. When the Conference was announced in late 1996, I approached Professor V.I.Subramoniam with a request to organise a Silver Jubilee Symposium on Agreement System in Dravidian languages. As it was revealed later, he was rather pessimistic and sceptical about success of the proposal. However, he had accepted the idea of conducting a theme-oriented Symposium as part of the AICDL. This provided us a shot in the arm to carry out the programme with renewed commitment.

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