Aleister Crowley,OTO,AA,G.B.G occult compendium

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This again is another rare 5 volume set from a defunct Fraternal Lodge it seems to be from the Library of a Grand Master 

This is a general overview of whats in these 5 volumes  

In this set there is also 

  • the Emerald Lodge lessons 
  • C.F Russell material 
  • O.T.O Lessons and articles
  • A.A lessons and articles 
  • Aleister crowley books,some collected writings ,and articles from all of his magazines and journals 
  • Saturni material 
  • Order of the Cubic Stone material and some lessons
  • G.B.G material and some lessons 
  • Monasterey of the 7 rays lessons

( a couple of others I don't recognize )

Each volume consist of roughly 2900 pages each so were talking about well over 14,000 pages of lessons and information ! ( Dont know enough about the lessons to say if they are complete sets for each order )

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