A.M.O.S Path of Light Fraternal Order Lessons- Ancient Mystical Order of Seekers by Clifford Bias

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Ancient and Mystical Order of Seekers

Ancient and Mystical Order of Seekers an Occult Fraternal Order for Mediums !

The A.M.O.S Path of Light 12 bk series of manuals as follows:

The Art of Astrological Synthesis - 73 pg.
The Probationer Volume I
Introduction to Astrology - Volume II - 36 pg.
The Book of Light Volume III
Sepher Yetzirah and the 32 Paths of Wisdom - Volume IV - 26 pg.
The Neophyte (Part 1) - Volume V - 30 pg.
The Neophyte Part 2) - Volume VI - 84 pg.
The Tarot Volume VII
Casting the Horoscope - Volume VIII - 54 pg. ( Is a modern reprint by spiritual society 2017)
The Apprentice - (Part 1) Volume IX - 51 pg.
Breviary Volume XIX
Western Mystery Tradition Volume VXIII

The Ancient and Mystical Order of Seekers was founded in the 1950s by Clifford Bias (d. 1986), the founder of the Universal Spiritualist Association, as a society for the clergy and the more serious lay students in the association. The order explores the esoteric arts and sciences, those areas generally part of the work of occult orders and magical groups. Bias produced a series of manuals, The A.M.O.S. Path of Light, for the order's members.Clifford Bias offered an intensive course of Lessons that featured a fusion of the teachings of Aleister Crowley,Dion Fortune,Manly P Hall,Edwin Arnold,Alice Bailey,L.Adams Beck,Helena Blavatsky,A.E.Wallis Budge,E.M Butler,Paul Foster Case,James Frazier,Freud Sigmund,Elias Gerwurz,Frantz Hartman,Christmas Hunphreys,Carl C Jung,Alphas Levi,S.L.Mac Gregor,ever Ouspensky,Israel Regard,Rudolph Steiner,C C Zain,Rosicrucianism,Pagan Magic,Grimore Workings, and others as noted by him.

This work is 1 of the greatest works in occult Lessons that I ever collected out of the mass amount of items that I own!!! 

Out of Print ,Vintage items , For the Occult Collectors only !!!!

These Collection of Occult Lessons consist of anywhere from 50 - 100plus pages each. I have never seen in any occult school that Ive been affiliated with so much information compiled in a set of lessons since my years in the occult. Ive compared these booklets to everything I own in the AMORC,BOTA,GOLDEN DAWN, OTO,A A, DRUID ORDER, Rose Cross,Dagon Order ,Monosterey of the 7 Rays and there is just no comparison. It appears that this order was a combination of the traditional Occult along with things such as performing Seances,Table Rappings, Trumpet Medium Ship ,Black Mirror Magic, Spirit Manifestation ,Talking to the Dead and much ,much more. I was floored when I got a hold of the documents ...