Ananta- The Infinite Living Truth

Ananta- The Infinite Living Truth

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Item Code: AZG765
Author: Sadhu Sadanand
Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 9788170848264
Pages: 592
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Book Description

About the Book
What is the purpose of human birth? Is death the end of the souls journeyed or does the journey continue? What is the true meaning of liberation, renunciation and awakening? Is enlightenment out of bounds for householders and meant only for ascetics? Sad guru Sadanand answers all these questions and clears all the myths associated with spirituality in this book which is a compilation of verses penned by Sadguru himself. Simply written and straight forward, the book is a reflection of its kind, compassionate author whose doors are open to all. In this poetic rendition, he dwells comprehensively on the myriad milestones in the journey of a spiritual seeker. Spiritual discourses by realised masters are a treasure beyond measure. They are the very words of the Creator himself. Ananta in Hindi has been penned by Sadguru himself. Can there be a greater opportunity and fortune for a seeker than to be hand-held and guided by the words of a realised master himself?

May the book guide every reader on his journey to discover and realise the Divine Consciousness within, and be able to discover the true meaning and purpose behind his/her human birth. Across all manmade barriers of caste, society or religion, it is a book meant for every soul that has taken birth as a human being meant to fulfill his spiritual destiny and purpose.

About the Author
Sadguru Sadhu Sadanand is an enlightened master residing in Gujarat, India. Having realised his true divine form more than two decades ago on 17th January 1999, Sadguru has devoted his life to guiding and helping spiritual aspirants to move towards God realization, the larger life purpose for all human beings. His words and wisdom flow straight from the light of Parmatma and his devotees have personally experienced his grace and blessings at all turns of life.

Sadguru discourages physical abandonment of worldly duties in the name of spirituality; instead, he encourages practising renunciation in the mind, i.e. renouncing ego-arrogance and other worldly evils, while continuing to carry out one's worldly duties with detachment. People from all walks of life, castes, religions and age have found guidance and peace under his grace. He has poured his wisdom and blessings into his poetic writings, originally authored in Hindi and translated into other languages by his devotees. His words hold compassion for the sufferer, guidance for the seekers, and love for all. Well-versed with all the dimensions of life and beyond, he understands equally well e modern as well as the traditional, the householder as well as the ascetic, and e seen as well as the unseen and unknown.

Approachable at all times by anybody who seeks him with complete sincerity and devotion, 'Omkar Kutir' in Karamsad (Anand) in Gujarat, India is his current residence and place of Satsang, but his real abode is in the hearts and consciousness of his devotees.

To incorporate the ideal of attaining divine realization in one's life is the objective of these writings. The minutest of things may hold behind it principles of high ideals. Every word presented herewith is worth reflecting upon and paves the way for seekers on the path of self-realization. To be able to offer to seekers, simple ways to move towards self-realisation is the academic pursuit of this compilation. Character-building needs the foundation of truth. It lays down the right ideals and principles by which one should lead one's life.

This world has continued to move in the same fashion since time infinite. Spirituality is but the only way to transcend it. Caught in the mirage of materialistic illusions throughout his life, man eventually gains nothing, exiting this world leaving all his material possessions behind. To escape this vicious circle, detachment is a pre-requisite. There needs to be a genuine disinterest in materialistic concerns. Till the time attachment lingers on, sorrows persist. The supreme objective of human life is to attain Self-realisation.

The joy gained out of material means is not the true joy peace-bliss. Bored of it, eventually man searches for eternal peace. Paramatma is an ocean of bliss. He is the fountainhead of bliss and it is man who experiences this bliss. The attainment of eternal bliss is the very attainment of Paramatma. This world embedded in attachments and illusions fails to understand the transience of material gains. Man fails to understand that he arrived in this world empty-handed and shall exit it empty-handed too. It all gets left behind along with this mortal body.

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