Architect of Human Destiny?: Who Brings About Peace or Chaos

Architect of Human Destiny?: Who Brings About Peace or Chaos

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Item Code: UAN715
Author: R. K. Kaushik
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 817835179X
Pages: 298
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Book Description

The book 'Architect of Human Destiny?" keeps its very keen eyes on the world scenario, whatever it is-good or bad-from its very beginning to its end. It tries to solve the age long riddles, i.e.. what has already happened, what is happening, and what would happen and why in our lives-very humbly and satisfactorily with a very reasonable approach, no matter what the so-called make-believe world has poured into our minds. Thus, the book is totally an unbiased and comprehensive study of the subject indeed.

The whole theme of the book has been woven into its thirteen chapters only. The book gives us a new outlook and a new vision to see our lives and our world through our non-mystical, non-conventional and non-dogmatic eye glasses.

The book is expected to have a magnetic impact especially on the young minds, which are still seen less poisoned. In fact, it is to fulfill the age old dire need of all the people of the world, no matter what and where one is.

R.K. Kaushik had been a teacher of repute, for about 37 years, but he has been working more as a student throughout his life. For the readers it is not important to know, as to what has been the author of a book, but only to remember, as to what he has written in it. and how far he helps us to take us nearer the truth. Hope his kind patrons won't be dejected after going through it.

He realizes that unless we all of us in the capacity of the architects of our own destinies good or bad-own the very parentage of our baby world, no matter whether it is beautiful or ugly, we shall never be able to mend its fabric.

To reach our own destiny or goal of life, the author feels that we all need a new mindset, a new outlook and a new vision. He humbly holds that we may or may not have faith in Him, but faith in our own selves as an architects of our own destinies either good or bad-is like an anchor. The denial of God does not mean at all that we are free to steer our ships of life whimsically or being rash.

A lot of water has already flowed, and more will ever be flowing under the bridge of human history. Undoubtedly, whether the water is natural in look, or red or black is not coming back. In this humble book of mine, I've tried my level best to see and understand as to which side it flows and why? Why not to any other direction? What's and who's there behind this whole current actually as a decisive force? In a nutshell, my query is: What's the Gangotri or the fountain-head of the whole flow of water?

In fact, my poor mind has been weighed very heavily for long with this strong desire to know whether the web of this whole world of human history, whatever it's good or bad has ever been woven by the so called 'thing' (matter) of Marx, or by the so-called 'thought' (idea) of Hegel, or by the so-called almighty God, or by the human spiders themselves with their own knitpins decisively as the architects of their own destinies? My mind was not at all in a mood to be content with this mere knowledge, but it wanted to know that if the same web was really ugly somewhere, who was to re-weave or mend it?

In this book my role is simply of an earnest and humble student, who wants to seek that truth. In this respect, what Swami Vivekanandji says has been a great morale-booster to me. He says, "Each work has to pass through these stages ridicule, opposition and then acceptance. Each one who thinks ahead of his time is sure to be misunderstood. So opposition, and persecution are welcome." (on page 91, Vol. 5, Swamiji's Works).

So, I won't mind much, if a Lilliputian like me is at all ridiculed, or opposed, for what I humbly perceive as right and good for the whole humanity. Of course, there is nothing ahead of the time in it.

Moreover, let's remember what Swami Vivekanandji says in this context, "There are many who though immersed in ignorance, yet in their pride of their hearts, think they know everything.... This world is full of these; everyone wants to be a teacher, every beggar wants to make a gift of a million dollars." (on page 23 Vol. 4, Swamiji's Works) Simply by mugging up this or that scripture, some people think they are religious.

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