आत्मानुभूतिः- Atmanubhutih

आत्मानुभूतिः- Atmanubhutih

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Item Code: UAM810
Author: Bhoomananda Tirtha
Publisher: Narayanashrama Tapovanam, Kerala
Language: English
Edition: 2007
Pages: 47
Other Details 8.00 X 5.50 inch
Weight 60 gm

Book Description

About the Author

Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha is a God-realized Saint, well known for making God experience available to the seekers. Embracing sannyaasa at 23, he has been disseminating the eternal wisdom of Vedanta with rare clarity, practicality and openness, to the audiences in India and abroad for five decades. His words strike the 'modern rational' with stunning rationality, and inspire the earnest seekers with the liberating touch of transcendental knowledge coming from the experiential depth and mastery of Self-realization.


Parivrajaka life started for me in Kerala fifty years back. From Jnana Ashram in Wadakanchery, the trekking began southward, reaching Venganellur by night and Chelakkara by next morning. Seeing me, the young sannyasin standing in the local Temple, Ramakrishna Wadhyar, the priest, invited me for breakfast. The closeness Wadhyar developed in that short time, led to my addressing his village residents the next day. In the Temple Refectory, an improvised platform was set up. I spoke on the 3 chapter of Bhagavadgeeta for an hour or so.

This, as was proved later, inaugurated my disseminational life. People thereafter began to invite me to different places to explain Bhagavadgeeta, Upanishads and allied Texts. The five decades that followed have taken me to many cities and villages in India. They also took me to Canada, USA, UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Muscat.

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