Ayurvedic System of Pathology- Roga Nidanam

Ayurvedic System of Pathology- Roga Nidanam

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Item Code: AZE716
Author: Russick Lal Gupta
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8180900886
Pages: 300
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About the Book
This book is not simply a literal translation of the Sanskrit text. It contains even much of the valuable informa tion to be found in the commentary of Nidana by Bijoy Rakshit and Sreekanta Dutta. If the translation conveys an idea of the Hindu system of pathology to those who are unacquainted with Sans krit and if it thus tends in any way to enhance the respect for those great men whose blood still runs in our veins, I shall think my labors amply rewarded.

The tendencies and prejudice of the people are half revealed or not revealed to those who have not cared to watch with some interest the numerous editions and translations of ancient books that are printed off every month. What makes these possible? Not certainly the increasing figures of population or the rising education of the people, but a reactionary feeling for encouraging the proper recognition of the genius of our sages. A revival has set in-a revival of the old faith for old institutions-especially for the old medical system. No one now puts it down as a huge sham-a pure product of fertile fancy. The people can now understand what a precions store house of medical knowledge is represented by the few old volumes that have descended to us. Even foreigners have not failed to admit, there are many things in them that were never dreamt of in the modern science of medicine. It is an established creed at present that the old system is the genuine creation of long experience and varied experiments and that it can be thus profitably made an excellent hand-maid to the modern one. When such a belief is once awakened, it is no wonder that editions and translations of a Charaka or a Susruta will spring up with a formidable rapidity.

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