Bhaargava Naadika

Bhaargava Naadika

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Item Code: NAC886
Author: K.T. Shubhakaran
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788170821328
Pages: 419
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.6 Inch X 5.6 Inch
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Book Description


The title ‘Bhaargava Naadika’ indicates that the book is based on the Naadi system of prediction prevalent in the Southern states of India. It is believed that Shri Bhaargava (Lord Parashu Raama, one of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu) is the author/compiler of this Book. Dasa results mentioned in this book are similar to Vimshotthari system of Dasa predictions.

‘Naadi’ means ‘a tubular organ (as a vein or artery of the body)’. There are 72000 Naadis (veins) starting from the heart or from the naval, supposed to carry the ‘rasa or chyle’ through the body. Each Naadi has different pulsation. In ancient times, most of the diseases were diagnosed by the physician, depending upon the type of pulsation felt by him in the body of the patient. This system of diagnose is being practiced even today but the degree of perfection of diagnosis has diminished. In other words, Naadi system of prediction was used in Medical astrology. Later on much importance was given to the usage of the word ‘Naadi’ in the general astrology also or there might have been a system of prediction of various events of a human life based on the type of pulsation in the body which might have been lost in course of time. This is my inference.

One of the important features of this book is that the results are given for Pratyantar Dasa, Sookshma Dasa and Praana Dasa of the Lord of the respective Mahaa Dasa in addition to the results given for various Mahaa Dasaas and Antar Dasaas. Another good feature is that the results of Dasaas of various planets when placed from the Lord of the Mahaa Dasa in operation are also given. I have omitted few slokas as I thought that these slokas do not fit in the respective chapter.

I feel that these slokaas were written/compiled prior to the year 1850 as there is no mention about the facilities available in the modern type of life i.e. usage of car, bus, plane and modern type of profession or job in the results to be taken place during the period of various Dasaas.

It appears that agriculture; cultivation of land; consutruction of buildings, lakes and inn; cattles were the prime source of income. There is no mention about the modern government. Whereas Raajaas used to rule the country. Hence most of the jobs were restricted to various departments under the Raaja. I have used the word government in place of Raaja in the translation.

An experienced astrologer will be able to predict future and past events by adopting the modern type of life with reference to the events mentioned in this book.

Slokaas in Samskrtham were made available by Mis Sagar Publications, 72 Ved Mansion, Janpath, New Delhi. It is as per their request that I have rendered translation of those slokaas to English. Though I have not made word by word translation, I have translated the meaning of a particular sloka in it’s entirety and according to my limited knowledge of the Samskrtham.

May Lord Shiva and Goddess Shivaa be with you Always

Om Namo Nama: Shiva Shivaaya Namo Nama:


Preface v
1. Benediction and introduction 1
2. Dasa of the Sun 8
3. Dasa of the Moon 44
4. Dasa of Mars 81
5. Dasa of Rahu 114
6. Dasa of Zupiter 168
7. Dasa of Saturn 229
8. Dasa of Mercury 281
9. Dasa of Kethu 331
10. Dasa of Venus 369

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