Bhagavan and Nayana

Bhagavan and Nayana

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Book Specification

Item Code: IDJ101
Author: S. Sankaranarayanan
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam, Tamil Nadu
Edition: 1997
Pages: 155
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 6.9" X 4.6"

Book Description


Kavyakantha Ganapati Sastri, famed as Vasistha Ganapati Muni, was a mighty spiritual personality in his own right and had a large following of illustrious disciples. It is a standing testimony to has spiritual sincerity and intellectual honesty that he recognised the uniqueness of Bhagavan's teaching, accepted him as his Guru and proclaimed him as the Maharshi to the whole world. Those who want to understand the message of the Maharshi in its pristine purity, have to study the Muni's rendition of the Master's teachings like Sat Darshanam and Sri Ramana Gita.

Sri Bhagavan used to refer to the Muni as Nayana, just as his disciples used to call him endearingly. Fortunately still amongst us are a few who had known Nayana and Bhagavan and their mutual esteem and who had been the recipients of their Grace.

As a Centenary Tribute to the sacred memory of Nayana, The Mountain Path published in 1978 in its issues, four articles by Sri s. Sankaranarayanan, bringing out the mutual association between Bhagavan and Nayana. These articles provided a lot of interest in the Personality and Teachings of the Maharshi and the Muni and there have been persistent demands from earnest aspirants for a fuller treatment of the whole subject by the same author.

Sri Sankaranarayanan, being a disciple of Sri Kapali Sastriar and a recipient of Bhagavan's Grace readily agreed and the outcome is the present book Bhagavan and Nayana.

The four articles that appeared in The Mountain Path are reproduced in Part I of the book. All the other articles except "A Sloka For Invoking The Presence" which had already appeared in The Mountain Path have been written specially for this publication. Part II deals with Nayana's writings on the Maharshi-Upadesa Saram, Sat Darshanam and Sri Ramana Gita dealing with the Teaching and the Vision, the Sloka of Invocation as an aid to the actual practice, Sadhana. Drawing much of his material from Sri Vasishtha Vaibhavam, an authentic biography in Sanskrit of Nayana and Umasahasram commentary in Sanskrit, both by his illustrious disciple, Sri Kapali Sastriar, the author in Part III deals with the Muni's life-sketch, his compositions extempore, his magnum opus Umasahasram, his style and his works. Also, a rare Sanskrit commentary of the Muni on the intricate Isopanishad in the light of the Maharshi's teaching is published for the first time with an English translation of the author.

This publication is dedicated to His Living Presence.


Initiation 1
Realization 8
Fulfilment 17
Propagation 27
Upadesa Saram 41
Sat-Darshanam 59
Sri Ramana Gita 65
Vision of Vasishtha Muni 70
A Sloka For Invoking The Presence 80
Sri Vasishtha Ganapati Muni: A Life Sketch 87
Compositions Extempore 106
Uma Sahasram 120
Isopanishad Bhashyam 127
Kavyakantha's Style 145
Kavyakantha's Works 152

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