The Blissful Life - As Realized through the Teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The Blissful Life - As Realized through the Teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Item Code: UAI007
Author: Robert Powell
Publisher: Chetana, Mumbai
Language: English
ISBN: 8185300518
Pages: 83
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Book Description


Robert Powell reveals to us a particular version of ancient Eastern philosophy-religion through his selection of aphorisms of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj translated from Marathi. In these aphorisms, he captures and summarizes the wisdom of India epitomized in advaita as philosophy and practiced in everyday life as a blissful religion. Although Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj lived the humble life of a Bombay cigarette merchant and family man, he was sought after as a guru and many sought and bene fited from his teachings: The purpose of life is to be freed from suffering. The way is to discover, eventually and all at once, that only the self is, that the self is impersonal pure awareness, beyond space and time, and, when unattached to anything, is pure bliss. But desire, any desire, even a desire for bliss, causes anticipation of something future with resulting painful frustra tion, since what appears as future is not, and cannot be. Only what is, is. Wisdom consists in remaining passive, silent, quiet, and aware. "Once you know yourself and are neither attached nor detached to your actions, whatever you do is right." One does not seek to change the world, even to make it better, for such improvement is irrelevant to the supreme self which can remain blissful only by remaining aloof and attentive to its in attention to mind/ body distractions.

Powell's selection of aphorisms and his comments on them emphasize many subtleties inherent in the wisdom of Maharaj. His book should provide profound inspiration for those willing to actualize authentic Eastern wisdom.

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