Chothe Indigenous Religion and Culture: A Sociological Study (Set of Two Volumes)

Chothe Indigenous Religion and Culture: A Sociological Study (Set of Two Volumes)

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Item Code: UAM750
Author: Cheithou Charles Yuhlung
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789386397768
Pages: 544
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Book Description

The book is a monumental work on the Chothe an old tribe of Manipur, Northeast India. It describes about the Chothes in a holistic manner concerning their indigenous religion, mythology, origin, marriage, economy and political systems. It also elaborates on their folk cultures like festivals, merit feasts, folktales, folksongs, dance, music, games and sports. It reflects the changes of their attitudes and worldviews from traditionalism to modernity. It also provides a glimpse to the unsolved mystery regarding the identity of Pakhangpa the first historical king of Manipur and his parentage. Besides, it provides various sociological and historical insights about the past ethos of the Chothe and the neighbouring communities. Serious academicians, scholars, bureaucrats, intellectuals, laymen and students worldwide may find it's relevancy for their analytical study related to the tribal studies.

The book "Chothe Indigenous Religion and Culture is a monumental work dedicated to the people of Chothe of Manipur, Northeast India. The book describes about the little unknown tribe in a holistic manner about their indigenous religion, customs, traditions, culture, marriage, economy and political systems practiced by them. Besides, it describes their folk cultures like festivals, merit feasts, folktales, folksongs, dance, music, games and sports and factors responsible for the decline of their age-old religion and customs The book intends for the worldviews and especially, the younger generation of the Chothe tribe to share their knowledge that their forefathers and ancestors practiced such beliefs, practices and customs earlier. According to the Census of India (2011), the Chothe has a total population of about 3585, with a literacy rate of 69.79 per cent. Given their population figure it is also feared. that after few years no one would know and remember what kind of social systems they practiced in the past as compared to the present situation as the forces of influences like modern education, Christianity, westernisation, globalisation and neighbouring communities have greatly impacted on their social lives. Therefore, this book would definitely serve as the last complete documented ethnographic work on Chothe that was left incomplete by T.C. Das (1985) the renowned Indian scholar.

In the study, the researcher have presented certain significant historical and sociological findings that would definitely interest academicians, scholars, intellectuals, politicians and laymen worldwide. The study is qualitative and descriptive in nature based on empirical and exploratory approach. The universe of research confines to two districts viz., Bishnupur and Chandel of Manipur, and is conducted among select village chiefs, elders, senior citizens, leaders and laymen from the eighteen (18) Chothe villages spread into three regional zones The sources of secondary data comprises of published and unpublished books, manuscripts, journals, newspapers, thesis, dissertations, village and church souvenirs, booklets, etc, which helped in developing the study.

This is a very comprehensive account of the Chothe, one of the indigenous tribes of Manipur. The author, a Chothe himself, has rightly adopted a sociological method in giving a very detail study of the social institutions, religious beliefs and practices and festivals of the Chothe. It is indeed an illuminating book based on the author doctoral thesis. It throws lots of historico-sociological insights hitherto unexplored so far on the dynamic of social changes that have transformed the Chothe from traditionalism to modernism. It is a must reading book.

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