Complete Collection of Ophiel's (Edward C. Peach) Correspondence Courses

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Used set ( some marking and hilights )

Complete Collection of Ophiel's (Edward C. Peach) Superb Correspondence Courses.

Ophiel wrote eight Instructional books on Magic and Various Other Occult Subjects. Please note that I say "instructional" : One of Ophiel's peeves was the lack of real, practical or usable information provided in the writings of the well known "Magicians."

Set Includes Beginner to Advanced Study. Includes All the Advanced "Private Sealed / Vignette Lessons" and The Complete Astral Projection Lessons.

1. Ophiel's Occult Foundations Correspondence Course Beginner/Advanced Study
2. Ophiel's Additional Material/Illustrations for Beginner/Advanced Studies
3. The Ophiel "Sealed/Vignette Lessons" Containing Every and All the Advanced Lessons Ophiel Ever Wrote for His Advanced Students.
4. Ophiel's Astral Projection Correspondence Course Beginner/Advanced Study

The Astral Projection Course is said to be one of the Finest Sources for Astral Travel Instruction.

Over 60 lessons in all plus much more!

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