Copal Resin 3 ounces

Copal Resin 3 ounces

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Copal Resin carries a Masculine energy
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Powers: Love, Purification

Magical Uses: Copal is used in rituals of purification, consecration, making contact with the other planes, and exorcism rites. Copal is added to love and purification incenses. A piece of copal can represent the heart in poppets.

Copal is added to many love, exorcism and purification incenses. Copal’s Magical properties are inspiration, attraction, invocation, happiness, celebration, contact with astral planes and exorcism. Copal can be burnt on a charcoal tablet, to enhance consecration, spell craft, exorcisms and banishings.
Copal - added to other herbs to focus their energies and lend power. Burn for protection; cleansing; purification; to promote spirituality; and to purify quartz crystals and other stones before use in magic.

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