Cosmic Voice – Issue 25  By Dr. George King

Cosmic Voice – Issue 25 By Dr. George King

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Cosmic Voice – Issue 25

By Dr. George King

One of five separate booklets – each one a treasure-trove of wisdom and illuminating information about life on other planets and humanity’s spiritual journey. As well as containing numerous Cosmic Transmissions from a variety of extraterrestrial communicators speaking through Dr. George King, these journals also provide first-hand accounts of a number of Phases of Operation Starlight – the Mission which took Dr. King around the world acting as a channel for the charging of 18 mountains with spiritual power, making them forever holy. The energies within these mountains are accessible to all who have the pure motive of using these for healing and upliftment.

Each issue is a separate booklet and 33 pages; issues sold separately.

Recommended to those with an interest in spiritual wisdom from extraterrestrial sources and in holy mountains.

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