Dalai Lamas of Tibet: Succession of Births

Dalai Lamas of Tibet: Succession of Births

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Item Code: IDF035
Author: Inder L. Malik
Publisher: Uppal Publishing House
Language: English
Edition: 1990
Pages: 202
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.0" X 5.7"
Weight 360 gm

Book Description

From the Jacket :

The well-preserved, rich cultural heritage of Tibet - the "roof of the world" - has haunted the discerning mind of centuries. Till about the beginning of the 20th century, very few foreigners could enter the 'Forbidden Land'.

Although the institution of the Dalai Lama, around which the culture of Tibet revolves, came into existence only about 600 years ago it has exercised such a powerful impact on the minds of the Tibetans that one feels as if there never was a Tibet without its Dalai Lama.

The author comprehensively examines the various aspects of this unique institution and its abounding impact on the entire Tibetan society. Besides providing relevant descriptive details, the author answer a host of pertinent questions about this enigmatic society including: 'When did Buddhism enter Tibet? What role the Chinese played in the discovery of the new incarnations? Who are the Panchen Lamas? Will there be the 15th Dalai Lama? How did the Dalai Lama escape from the closely guarded Lhasa?

"Although he slept with a woman every day, he never allowed a drop of his semen to emit. This control the 6th reincarnation acquired in his previous births?" What is the justification for accepting the sixth as the genuine reincarnation?

An excerpts from the Foreword given by His Holiness.

"Is is an earnest endeavour to study the institution of the Dalai lamas... The significance of this book lies in its subject matter which is essentially historical and I have no doubt will be valuable to future historians.

About the Author:

Inder Malik, a diplomat belonging to the Indian Foreign Service, has just retired after a long career, both challenging and rewarding, which afforded him an opportunity to visit about 100 odd countries as widely separated as Laos and Brazil are geographically and Tibet and Norway socio-culturally.

Born as he was near Harappa (West Pakistan), the cradle of the Indus civilization, he always nursed special interest in anthropological studies right from his school days. Though pursuit of this inner urge made him stay with the Laplanders in the 'Land of the Mid Night Sun' and also study the Inca civilization in Peru, but, as is evident from the present volume, his fascination for Tibet finally overwhelmed him. This process was, of course, facilitated by closer personal contact with the present Dalai Lama, lasting nearly two decades which ensured easy access to valuable and authentic background material.

Inder Malik is presently engaged on his next volume entitled "The End of the Tunnel".


Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama vii
Acknowledgements ix
Introduction xi
1. Succession of Births 1
2. Method of Discovery 6
3. The Unknown Two and the Title Earner Third 13
4. The Mongol Fourth 19
5. Fifth - The Maker of Tibet 23
6. The Worldly Sixth 29
7. The Scholarly Seventh 37
8. Eighth - The Weakest Link 39
9. The Unfortunate Four 41
10. The Great Thirteenth 43
11. The Living Buddha 57
12. His Escape 61
13. His Family 69
14. The Indian Lhasa 73
15. His Philosophy 81
16. The Dalai Lama As I Know Him 85
17. Some Personal Discourses 91
18. Some Important Questions Answered by His Holiness 109
19. The Panchen Lamas 121
20. Institution - Its Future 129
21. Home Away From Home 135
1. Buddhism at a Glance 143
2. The Fourteen Dalai Lamas at a Glance 177
3. The Seven Panchen Lamas at a Glance 181
Index 183

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