Devotional Friendship [Sakhya]: Its Implication and Ramification Vis-à-vis Bengal Vaisnavism

Devotional Friendship [Sakhya]: Its Implication and Ramification Vis-à-vis Bengal Vaisnavism

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Book Specification

Item Code: IDE932
Author: Dr. Maya Chattopadhyay
Publisher: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar
Language: English
Edition: 2002
Pages: 174
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.6" X 5.6"
Weight 300 gm

Book Description


Abbreviations vii
Chapter One: Introduction 1
Notes 9
Chapter Two: Devotional Friendship (Sakhya Bhakti) and God 10
I. Bhagavat (God) and Jiva, the Individual soul 10
II. Krsna the embodiment of Bliss, Beauty and Love 15
III. Devotional love and friendship: the way and the goal 18
IV. Vraja sakhya: friendship in Vraja 23
Notes 26
Chapter Three: Bhakti as rasa and its classifications: 29
I. The Aesthetics of bhakti and the Caitanya tradition 29
II. Rasa, bhakti and classical poetics 38
A. The concept of rasa 38
B. Bhakti and the classical aestheticians 47
III. Bhakti rasa 48
IV. Summary 56
Diagram I 59
Notes 60
Chapter Four: Sakhya Bhakti in the field of aesthetic enjoyment: 77
I. Preyan and classical poetics 77
II. Preyan or Maitrimaya rasa, the sentiment of devotional friendship: 83
A. Vibhavas, the determinants 84
B. Anubhavas, the ensuants 96
C. The Satvika bhavas 98
D. Vyabhicari bhavas, the auxiliary feelings 100
E. The sthayibhava, the permanent dominant emotion 101
III. Classification of preyan or maitrimava rasa 106
Diagram 2 109
Diagram 3 109
Notes 110
Chapter Five: Friendship in bhakti rasas other than preyan: 117
I. Friendship in the secondary bhakti rasas 117
II. The relationship of preyan with other rasas: 121
A. Preyan as a permanent rasa 122
B. Preyan as an auxiliary rasa 123
III. Friendship and rasabhasa, the apparant sentiment 123
IV. Friends and friendship in madhura, the rasa of devotional romantic love 127
A. The male friends as the assistants 128
B. The female friends (sakhis), sakhibhava and the kantas 131
C. Friendship as the enhancing excitant 136
Notes 138
Chapter Six: Conclusion 140
Notes 146
Bibliography 147
Glossary 156
Index 158

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