Dhanur Veda: The Knowledge Of Astra

Dhanur Veda: The Knowledge Of Astra

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Item Code: AZH177
Author: T. Krishna Dinesh
Publisher: T. Krishna Dinesh
Language: ENGLISH
ISBN: 9781684944699
Pages: 81
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About the Book

The Dhanur Veda was considered as the Veda which is related to the warfare tactics and which is in between 1100-800 BCE. It was traditionally regarded as upaveda attached to the Yajurveda. It say about the celestial weapons.

About the Author

Krishna Dinesh, a student who has completed his post-graduation diploma in management. I like travelling and music lover, cooking. Drop your feedback and suggestions in the mail and stay in touch.


The Dhanur Veda is the book which says about the celestial weapons used by the Devatas. God and goddess in the Hindu mythology.

The Dhanur Veda is one of the important Veda which made the world know the war and martial arts. It contains the war tactic. It was covered in the four Vedas the Lord Sri Krishna and Pandava's they used the weapons which are called Ayudas for the Kurukshetra. It is one among the four upavedas to Vedasalong with Ayurveda, Gandharva Veda, and Sthapatya Veda.

Dhanurveda, a section of the Vedas 1700 BCE - 1100 BCE, contains references to martial arts.

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