Dictionary of Indian Epics

Dictionary of Indian Epics

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Item Code: UAJ075
Author: T. Rengarajan
Publisher: Eastern Book Linkers
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 9788178541037
Pages: 558
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Book Description

About the Book
Readers will find a rich treasure in this work, Dictionary on Indian Epics, in the form of dialogue, and meaningful explanation. The Dictionary covers all Epical characters in new approach. This may be first Dictionary to bring down certain new Dictionary meaning for known and unknown characters.

The holy Ramayana, a masterpiece in Sanskrit classics of the great sage valmiki, the Adikavi, is the first and foremost specimen of exquisite poetry. The Mahabharata is not just the story of a family going up in flames because of a feud but is also a storehouse of philosophy, ethics and law. It has been a source of both entertainment and instruction. While the main storyline speaks of the tragedy of was and the totality of destruction caused by it, woven in are stories, fables, legends and other narrative pieces that speak of love, compassion, forgiveness, humility by Veda Vyasa.

Readers' will enjoys while reading this Dictionary with new interpretation, than any other contemporary Dictionaries. The Dictionary covers Abhira, Aiksavakus, Angaraparana, Aruni, Austeiris, Dwaraka, Eclipse, Ekalaya, Flags, Gandhari, Gems, Harischandra, Har-ki-doon, Horoscope, Idajila, Indra Prastha, Kalmasapada, Karma, Kanya, Kicaka, Krpa, Krsna Yajurveda, Loud Music, Mani-Ravana,Marica, Missiles, Pampa sarovara, Prthu, Puru, Puspakacar, Nimi, Nandini, Raksa bandhana, Raksasa, Ramesvara, Rana, Ranachordasa, Sacrifice, Sambha, Samudra Manthanam, Sardwan, sarmistha, Son of Krsna, Vaidyanatheshvara, Vimanas, Wax Palace. This is first Dictionary to discuss on the said characters.

Each character is carefully examined and considered. I have glanced through the important characters of the book and I feel inclined to take the view that the author's thinking on the subject in its different aspects is clear, his present of arguments in precise and his simple and direct. The discussion of the different characters is supported by a wealth of authorities consisting of the writings of writings of jurists and judgment both Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Readers will have different looks on the Dictionary on Indian Epics, important characters analyzed in different publisher and media. The readers must have certain basic knowledge on Epical characters, before going through the Dictionary, since the work were absorbed in different angle. Certain Epical characters were viewed through Poetical from, because, the poem has it own ideology, when it is viewed.

Readers will enjoy in reading this Dictionary not as Reference book, but a book of full Epical characterization.

About the Author
T. Rengarajan commitment to the cause of legal education and his dedication in the propagation of Hinduism, places him on a high pedestal among the contemporary Hindu religious writers. His books have been received with wide appreciation from different publishers in India. He has written nearly 65 books of which 25 were published. The published books were: Published Books 1. Hinduism and Scientific quest 2. Hindu Mythology-Volume I & II 3. The World Mythology-Volume I 4. Dictionary on Vedas 5. Dictionary on Hindu Gods and Goddesses 6. Dictionary on Indian Religions volume I & II 7. Glossary on Hinduism 8. Dictionary on Vaishnavism 9. Hindu Mythological Dictionary 10. General quiz books-12 Volumes 11. Quiz on Hinduism-2 Volumes 12. Children quiz books-2 Volumes Compulsive writer he is, his elucidation of complexities of Hinduism, his commentaries on points of Hind religious characters and his unambiguous presentation of Religious characters are highly valued by all concerned. He was awarded Follow ship from United Writers Association, Chennai, for his contribution to Hinduism and other Indian Religions in 2004-05. He was awarded Life Time Achievement Award-2004, by United Writers Association; Chennai. His name is under recommendations for different award based on religions. He actively participated in Social activities, Secretary of Public Grievance Redressing Society.

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