A Dictionary of The Kashmiri Language (Set of 2 Volume)

A Dictionary of The Kashmiri Language (Set of 2 Volume)

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Book Specification

Item Code: UAJ019
Publisher: Gulshan Books, Kashmir
Language: Kashmiri and English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788183390446
Pages: 1275
Other Details 11.00 X 9.00 inch
Weight 2.86 kg

Book Description

About The Book

With the enormous increase of literacy all over the world, the extension of the frontiers of knowledge than before, and the coming of the countries of the world closer to one another. students, scholars and people of various nations have felt an imperative necessity of learning languages of different regions of the world. Admittedly, a dictionary of any language is one of the most essential reference books a learner needs to know how a word is spelled, how it is pronounced, what its various forms and meanings are, and what its origin and history are.
The Dictionary of the Kashmiri Language is one of the most outstanding and successful achievements in the field of reference books. It contains a transliteration of Kashmiri words in Roman language, its Sanskrit and Hindi synonyms and the meanings and explanations of the words in English. It is basically designed to meet the needs of the users who are conversant with Kashmiri, Hindi, Sanskrit and English languages.
The worth of any dictionary, which is a product of the specialists and linguists, depends on the accuracy and correctness of the words and its meanings.

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