Dimensions of Indian Civilization

Dimensions of Indian Civilization

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Item Code: AZF403
Author: Gautam Kumar Bera and G. Lazar SVD
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789350502655
Pages: 280
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Book Description

About The Book

Indian society is marked with its rich heritage that is the hallmark of our civilization, the antiquity of which is sometimes beyond traceable date. This has a diversity of its own kind where unity is its uniqueness. The vast tract of this country, starting from the lush green fields of Arunachal Pradesh, where the sun first glitters with its golden rays to the harsh salt fields of Rann of Kutch, where the dusk is embraced with the beams of moonlight; from the snow clad mighty Himalayas to the never ending horizons of blue waters of the Indian ocean, witnesses every moment an unique event that is the gift of our rich civilization. The land is bestowed with a diverse ethnic mosaic with innumerable linguistic groups, cultures, costumes, manners and religious beliefs and practices. Since the dim ages of the past scholars have found interest in this land when our history was shrouded in mystery. Age-old saints and sages of the epic times, travelers, explorers and adventurists from different parts of the world, poets and scholars of the historic ages, Indologists, historians, and academicians of different ages have found an essence of this land. Dimensions of Indian Civilizationis a compilation on different aspects of our rich civilization including the contributions of various castes and tribes in the making of our civilization, the various facets of our religious beliefs and practices, the philosophical treatise of different religions, the embedded syncretic elements that gives a new dimension to our culture and civilization so on and so forth

About the Author

Dr. Gautam Kumar Bera has bachelor's with honours, master's and a doctorate degrees in social-cultural anthropology. He is the Founder Editor of Anthropos India; National Scholar for advance studies in anthropology; Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, London; Sanskriti Foundation Fellow; Stephen Fuchs Memorial Awardee; St. Arnold Janssen Foundation Awardee; Mother Teresa Centenary Awardee and is the recipient of Meritorious Service Medal conferred by the Honourable President of India. He is an Associate Member of Anthropos International, Germany.

Dr. (Fr.) Gyanpragasam Lazar SVD has master's and doctorate degrees in theology and sociology and was a post-doctoral fellow in the Manchester University, U. K. He is the Founder Director of Sanskruti - Institute of Dravidian Culture & Research; Member, Anthropos International; and Founder Associate Editor of Anthropos India


The Society of the Divine Word (SVD) from the time of its founder St. Arnold Janssen gave adequate importance to the intellectual pursuits including study of natural sciences. The foundation is greatly blessed with many committed scholars in anthropology and ethnography as pioneers of primary research, documentation, library and publications. Following the great traditions of late Dr. Prof. Wilhelm Schmidt SVD the founder of internationally acknowledged Anthropos Institute, Germany and his long time collaborators in SVD and other academic fraternity, and late Dr. Prof. Stephen Fuchs SVD the founder of Institute of Indian Culture, Mumbai we have established SANSKRUTI - Institute of Dravidian Culture and Research for scientific study of the people with special reference to Dravidian culture in India. The vision of SANSKRUTI is to provide reliable and research based data on cultures, religions and society as a whole with special reference to south India with an aim to promote a just, peace loving and humane society. In this effort we aim to network with other research institutions, universities, NGOs and Government departments to preserve, promote and disseminate various cultures through research, documentation and publication.

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