Draconomicon: The Book of Ancient Dragon Magick by Joshua Free

Draconomicon: The Book of Ancient Dragon Magick by Joshua Free

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  • Hardcover: 146 pages

HERE BE DRAGONS! Behold the ultimate "Book of the Dragon" for modern magick-users and fantasy enthusiasts alike--now completely revised and expanded for its 25th anniversary. This underground cult-classic "Draconomicon"offers powerful teachings and lore of ancient "dragon magick" and its legacy.

Discovering true knowledge, wisdom and power of the Dragon has never been easier!

Joshua Free--a leading member of the occult underground for the past twenty-five years--provides seekers with a unique and remarkable treasury of esoteric knowledge in this new amazing collector's edition of what is sure to be the perfect addition to your library and/or "dragon collection."

Come and initiate yourself to the Ancient Mystery School and venture on a progressive journey through the Dragon Legacy--beginning in the depths of the Primordial Abyss and primeval birth of the "Great Cosmic Dragon" and following through the many millennium of secret knowledge carried to the present age...and the future! Whether you are simply curious, or seeking to explore deep teachings that may incorporate "dragons" into your spiritual and magical systems, the Draconomicon is unparalleled research and testimony to a quarter-of-a-century modern occult evolution, sparking hundreds of traditions.

The Dragon Legacy is an important and integral part of the history and traditions of all cultures, and subsequently underlies all cultural magical traditions--not to mention symbols and motifs that lie beneath the development of human civilization as a whole. Nothing is separate. And this is one of the lessons we learn from The Dragon--that everything is connected together and we cannot see things in exclusion to other things if we are to see things, with Self-honesty, for how they truly are--another gift of The Dragon.

Hidden in the depths of the Dragon's Lair is an untold legacy of knowledge and power, secret societies and bloodlines, cults and symbols encompassing our entire material existence--and the means by which it can be controlled. It is quite possible this is among the best kept secrets in the history of occultism, even enshrouded in a cacophony of grand conspiracies. And in its most ancient forms, it is the undefiled, raw and primordial Truth of things--just as we would expect the Druids, wizards and sages of old to understand them. And with understanding comes wisdom.

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