Efforts Don't Die- Journey of a Proffessional Woman

Efforts Don't Die- Journey of a Proffessional Woman

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Item Code: AZE491
Author: Anita Panda
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9789388789530
Pages: 210 (Throughout B/w Illustrations)
Other Details 9.50x6.50
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Book Description

About the Book
Efforts Don't Die refers not only to the personal history with creative growth, it documents Dr. Panda's journey in a vivid mananer through her life, which is creative, active inspiring and extremely social. The book traces her journey from the distant land of Odisha to Delhi and partly her personal, professional, familial and intellectual experiences that transformed her. The book not only focuses on the author's twist in destiny to become a famous medical practitioner but also how she keeps her intellectual self vibrant with interactive and learning exchanges with people and personalities. Her eventful interaction with many legendaries and personalities provides insights into her keen Professional and socio-literary perception in this book. This book, no doubt, will be an interesting read and an inspiring publication to many.

About the Author
Dr. Anita Panda was born at a remote village of Jaipur. and nally became a nationally and Internationally reputed Ophthalmologist from India. She has added many new feathers onto the cap of existing Ophthalmology by her tireless efforts and profound research over four decades. Her contribution to Eye Banking, Eye Donation and Corneal surgery has brought a great evolution for Indian Ophthalmologists. Apart from being a famous ophthalmic surgeon, she has published 17 Professional books, over 100 monographs and 400 original scientic publications to her credit. She is the recipient of overfly Awards and Accolades from different ophthalmic and non ophthalmic societies in profession. Her visit to 40 countries, once or more, has widen her horizon scenically and taught her many lessons on literary angle too. Despite all the achievements in Profession her quest for literature did not fade away. Like science, she continuously thrives to create new work in literature. She is a revered short story writer, novelist, dramatist and lyricist (Poem) in (Odia) Language (15 books). She is admired by her readers and literary circle for her selection of sensitive humanistic themes, portrayal of characters, simple language, lucid style of expression and strong suspension in the story. The themes of her creativity range from real happening in the society to the rich world of imagination. Besides some of her story contains few hidden medical advice which in fact attracts many readers. She lives with her Husband, son, daughter-in-law and sweet granddaughter.

Dr. Anita Panda is an ophthalmologist of international repute. But with the same skilful hands with which she does delicate treatment of eyes, she yields her pen to create literature of the highest quality. Her creativity bears the stamp of erudition. Her father gave her a notebook and a pen to record daily happenings during her childhood. The prologue to the book amply demonstrates that she has a remarkable combination of facets which are rarely seen. For her knowing life comes easily and difficulties or challenges is a way of life. But the way she has faced them shows the immense inner strength which she possessed even from her childhood days. She has amply proved what Bertrand Russell said: "The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge".

Everything in life, whether it is happiness, whether it is entertainment, whether it is hardship, is a question of how one looks at things Dr. Anita Panda is a classic example of this reality of life. The great philosopher and former President Dr. S. Radhakrishnan observed: "Our life carries within it a record that time cannot blur or death erase," The creativity of Dr. Anita Panda, the author, will leave its footprints on the sands of time. The Author's Efforts don't die, a masterpiece of literature cannot go into oblivion because of the passage of time.

I venture to echo what George Bernard Shaw said: "The man who writes about himself and his own time is the only man who writes about all people and about the time". This can amply and aptly be said. about. Dr. Anita Panda's literary creation.

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