The Elixir of Life – Wheat Grass Juice

The Elixir of Life – Wheat Grass Juice

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Book Specification

Item Code: IHL316
Author: Dr. Surendra Kapil
Publisher: Popular Book Depot
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8186098860
Pages: 60
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7.8 Inch X 5.2 Inch

Book Description

From back of the book

‘Wheat Grass Juice’ is another wonderful booklet on naturopathy written by Dr. Surendra Kapil. Its Hindi version titled ‘Gahun Ke Jaware’ was also published by us in 2003. The response evoked by the Hindi edition has given impetus for the publication of this edition in English. Dr. Kapil has the distinction of being one among the several naturopaths of India who had the opportunity to attend the camp on Wheat Grass therapy conducted by Madam Dr. Ann Wigmore. It was during this camp that Dr. Kapil could discuss various aspects of this wonderful therapy and seek clarifications on the doubts directly form its founder, Dr. Ann Wigmore. This book is the result of the personal experience gained by Dr. Kapil during his practice in due course. This book is, therefore, an authentic publication on the efficacy of the application of ‘Wheat Grass Juice’.


Mr. S.K. Somani, a reputed businessman of Bombay, was primarily a reputed social worker. When Madam Dr. Ann Wigmore visited India for the promotion of her ‘Wheat Grass Juice’ system of health and medicine, she was warmly welcomed by Mr. Somani inviting her to hold a camp on the wheat grass therapy. He also invited naturopaths from all over India to his residence and introduced them to Dr. Wigmore. Luckily, I happened to be one of them. I availed the opportunity to actively participate in the 10 days camp conducted by Dr. Wigmore. This booklet contains the solution to the inquisitive queries, doubts and problems obtained by me during the course of my discussion with Madam Dr. Wigmore. The miraculous results of the experiments on the wheat grass juice therapy during the camps on Yoga and naturopathy conducted in all the provinces of India have also been included in this booklet. The subject matter has been presented in an interesting manner through the medium of inspirational contexts, so that the interested readers are able to understand its essence, get rid of the ailments and benefit through the application of this system of naturopathy.

Wheat grass is not an ordinary grass. Growing wheat grass is a sequence to grow ‘the elixir of life’. This is the special impact of this book. The wheat grass juice not only plays an important role in the treatment of severe, chronic, and incurable diseases, it is an art to lead a healthy life. The wheat grass juice is a tonic for a healthy person and the wheat grass therapy is science of health care. The simple but magnanimous personality of Madam Dr. Ann Wigmore is the main source of inspiration to bring about this piece of work, ‘Wheat Grass Juice’. The methods described in this booklet are the results of concerted experiments. The booklet contains the authentic analysis which can rightly be called ‘the crowns of health’. A family which is health conscious and considers it important to grow wheat grass and store resistance to diseases will find this book useful and invaluable treasure. The use and experimentation of this simple and easy technique can be developed into the art and science to lead a healthy and disease – free life.


1. Health – promoting Elements of the Wheat Grass Juice 1
2. How to Grow Wheat Grass? 6
3. Miraculous Attributes of the Wheat Grass 16
4. User’s Doubts and Problems with Solutions 30
5. Wheat Grass Juice – The Panacea for all Diseases 35
6. Some of the Experiments and Their Results 37
7. Sprouted Vegetarian Dishes 41
8. Sprouted Food – The Elixir of Life (Amritahar) 46
Index 51

Ambrosia in the Form of Wheat Grass 15
The Method of Taking Fruits and Vegetables 29
Natural Prophylactic and Curative Substances Found in the Wheat Grass 34
Sprouted Wheat 40

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