El's Holy Injiyl by Malachi Z York (used)

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Holy Injiyl by Malachi Z York

This book is an out of print and out of circulation occult ,mystical classic of the true life and teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Ancient Egyptian Aramic/Arabic and Greek Language. The Author Malachi Z York whom was a master of roughly several languages sought out amongst the mystics and scribes the original preserved scripts of Jesus of Palestine in its original language and form. He rendered a direct translation for the western world. This book is well over 700 pages long of a thorough translation of the original words and recordings of Jesus Revelations.

This book is a must have, in the library of every student of religion and mysticism. The testimony we have of Jesus that was rendered in the traditional Bibles have been altered to support the idioms and ideas of the controllers of Christianity and religion as a whole. This book intends to set the record straight on what was truly revealed during the life of Jesus.

* This book contains some highlights as pictured but spine and pages are all intact for such a old and out of print book.

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