An Encyclopaedia of Religions (An Old and Rare Book)

An Encyclopaedia of Religions (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: UAN994
Author: Maurice A. Canney
Language: English
Edition: 1976
ISBN: 8170810248
Pages: 406
Other Details 10.00 X 8.00 inch
Weight 810 gm

Book Description


The science of Comparative Religion is still so young that information on many matters embraced by it has not found its way as yet into ordinary encyclopedias; and of special encyclopedias or dictionaries very few have been published. The great Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics, edited by Dr. James Hastings, is a storehouse of learned discussion and information, but its size places it as a household work of reference beyond the reach of many readers. A felt gap is filled very usefully by the handy Dictionary of Non-Classical Mythology, compiled by Marian Edwardes and Lewis Spence; but, as its title indicates, much of the new material that belongs in a special sense to the domain of religion is excluded necessarily from such a work.

It may seem a bold undertaking to seek, as the present writer has done, to present in a volume of moderate size information about most of the ancient and modern religions, ethnic and historical. His excuse must be that certain cravings of his own impelled him many years ago to set out upon a journey along paths which at that time had not been trodden much, and to read more widely than is perhaps usual; that invitations since 1808 to contribute articles to four voluminous encyclopedias have formed an ABC habit which he finds it difficult to throw off; and that a work such as he has attempted here is as a matter of fact really needed. In any case, a work in provided which covers much of the ground claimed by Comparative Religion and is capable of subsequent expansion. acceptable, new material may be added, particularly as the Science develops. If what is offered proves acceptable, new material may be added, particularly as the science develops.

While it is true that much of the new material in this field has not been incorporated as yet in ordinary encyclopedias, it is true also that to matters of religion with which, by name at least, readers have become very familiar, a good deal of space has been given already in such works. In a field which ip so vast, therefore, the present writer has preferred often to concentrate particularly on matters which are unfamiliar and on headings which are not to be found in ordinary encyclopaedias. Many of the headings, here to be found, have never found a place as yet, he believes, in any other encyclopaedia. These headings, with the matter included under them, it is hoped will not only interest the general reader, but also suggest to students, as they have suggested to the writer, subjects for special research.

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