An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Jaina Technical Terms

An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Jaina Technical Terms

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Item Code: UAK878
Author: Saraswathi Vijayakumar
Publisher: National Institute of Prakrit Studies and Research, Mysore
Language: English
Edition: 2009
Pages: 391
Other Details 8.50 X 5.50 inch
Weight 440 gm

Book Description


I offer my respectful obeisances to Bhagavan Bahubali and dedicate this work at His lotus feet. I also affer my respectful obeisances to His Holiness Swastisri Jagadguru Karmayogi Carukirti Bhattaraka Swamiji, Sravanabelagola Math, for all the interest shown and help rendered to me to cross many a hurdle in bringing out this unique encyclopaedic dictionary. When the Swamiji expressed his desire and the need for the publication of such a Dictionary of Jaina technical terms, I readily made up my mind and undertook the task of compiling this Dictonary. Just as Prof. G. Brahmappa's words inspired me to compile a 'Descriptive Dictionary of Jaina Technical Terms in Kannada (Jaina Paribhasika Padavivara Kosa), the swamiji's words inspired me to undertake this stupendous task of compiling this Encyclopaedic Dictionary. It is said that Jaina Philosophy has more technical terms than any other systems of philosophy (both Eastern and West Jern). Typical Jaina technical words like asanakampa, samava sarana cannot be understood without the help of technical dictionaries. Technical terms are mostly used by the learned people that are connected with the subjects. They are short ened expressive, aphoristic, vocal symbols for complex ideas. India has had many scientific, philosophic disciplines as early as B.C. and there were a large number of technical terms used by scholars of those days in philosophy, grammer, astron omy, medicine, etc. These words require clear definitions for a clear understanding Without definitions/explanations, the abstract ideas, complex conceptions, intricacies cannot be un derstood.

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