Essays on Modern Sanskrit Poetry

Essays on Modern Sanskrit Poetry

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Item Code: UAN662
Author: Rabindra K. Panda
Publisher: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788180902154
Pages: 261
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Book Description

The present book embodies fifteen comprehensive and critical essays on Modern Sanskrit literature. They highlight some of the significant aspects of modern Sanskrit poetry. Some essays contain literary studies of some important poems composed by eminent poets of our time. The book will be very much valuable from the perspective of analytical criticism. It will be useful to the scholars and students alike.

Dr. Rabindra Kumar Panda, the author of the present work is now working as the Head of the Department of Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit in the Faculty of Arts, the M.S. University of Baroda. He has written and edited twenty five works. He is an eminent poet and creative writer in Sanskrit. He has received international and national awards. Recently he received Akhila Bharatiya Kalidasa Award given by Kalidasa Sanskrit Akademi, Ujjain, for his story collection Chinnachaya.

The present volume contains some of my research papers which were published in the reputed research Journals. They are related to different aspects of Modern Sanskrit literature. The first paper deals with contemporary Sanskrit poetry. In this paper, an attempt has been made to highlight some of the significant aspects of modern Sanskrit poetry literature. Some of the representative poems of contemporary Sanskrit poets who have made valuable contribution to the field of Sanskrit poetry are selected. The paper throws light on how Sanskrit poets of our time have been considerably influenced by regional language and literature. The second paper deals with the new trends that are found in the field Sanskrit poetry of twentieth century.

The third paper describes the nature of some noteworthy epic poems of twentieth century. In the fourth paper attempt has been made to highlight the contribution of Oriya writers to the field of Sanskrit literature. The fifth paper deals with biographical poems in Sanskrit.

The sixth paper is written on modern Sanskrit poets who have written on Russia and Russian leaders. The seventh paper focuses on the figures of speech that are found in the epic poem, Sri Swami Vivekananda-caritam composed by T.A. Bhandarkar. The eighth paper deals with a translated work Bandinah Swedesa Cinta of Pandita Utkal Mani Gopabandhu Dash and the work is translated by Pandita. Prabodha Kumar Mishra of Orissa. The ninth paper makes a literary tudy of the Miralahari composed by Pandita Ksama Rao. Similarly the tenth paper contains a literary study of the Vyastaragam of Digambara Mahapatra. The eleventh paper embodies a critical study of Sudamacaritm of Pundarikaksa Mishra of Orissa. The twelfth paper incorporates a study of Bhinnapulinam of Professor Kesab Chandra Dash. The thirteenth paper is on Sanskrit translated works. There are two papers in Sanskrit. One deals with politics as depicted by modern Sanskrit poets in their poems. Other introduces some biographical literature.

All the papers are written in simple and easy language keeping in mind the renders of present day. They bring to light new facts for the first time.

I am very much thankful to the editors of the Sanskrit Journals who published those papers and the proprietor of Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, C.P. Gautama who has published them in the book-form.

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