Faith and Philosophy of Buddhism

Faith and Philosophy of Buddhism

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Item Code: UAN794
Author: V. S. Bhaskar
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788178357225
Pages: 520
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Book Description

This volume provides the chronicle of Buddhism from its very beginnings, i.e.. the life of Prince Siddhartha, his path to enlightenment and his vision of Buddhism. It helps to understand the Philosophical concepts such as the Karma, Samsara, Dukkha (suffering), Salvation and Nirvana. It covers the spread of Buddhism to different countries and the maturation of different identities, with practices distinct to each sect. It covers teachings of Buddhism, its development into an international religion and the various schools that emerged with time. The book unfolds the best in Buddhism. It also covers various customs and traditions. The wide range of matter dealt within this volume presents the panoramic view of the Buddhism and the culture of Buddhists in its different facets and in the different periods of history.

V.S. Bhaskar, was born on 4th July, 1929 in a family of academicians. An alumnus of Agra University, he was from very beginning, interested in Buddhism. Throughout his life, he worked hard for the spread of Buddhism in India. After retiring from Ministry of Commerce, he now devote all his time in propagating teachings of Buddhism. He was President of Buddha Upasak Sangh, Janakpuri Branch. He is the founder member of Siddharth Social and Cultural Association, Noida. He was President of this society from 1996 till 1999."

Buddhism has marched through the ages, almost unaffected by various onslaughts. The more one pries into the study of Buddhism, more one is struck by its mammoth dimensions, excellence and enduring character of Buddhist traditions, It is the inborn truths and intrinsic merit of Buddhism that has preserved its pristine glory from the ravages of time and misfortunes. The vastness of Buddhism and various aspects of Buddhist culture have been systematically put together in this book.

The enormous volume of literature on the heritage and culture of the Buddhism has not only created a demand for a concise volume, but has also made known the necessity for a book of a more special character. To bind the philosophy called Buddhism between the covers of a book is indeed an intimidating task. It is against this background of challenge that this volume has been prepared, because it is not possible otherwise to have at our command the vast sources of learning which have accumulated over centuries. The present work is an attempt to meet the universally growing demand for such a book.

The volume contains chapters on all possible aspects of the Buddhism. It contains articles on the teachings, religious traditions and customs, ethical movement, philosophical ideas, spiritual and traditional practices. All important personages, deities, and religious places have been included. Besides giving uptodate information on modern Buddhism: its history, sites and shrines, bhikkhus and viharas, societies and institutions, and literature, it also gives a brief history of the Buddhists, the people who preserved the Dhamma through the ages. The book thus endeavours to embrace the whole range of History, Theology, and Philosophy, together with the relevant positions. The fascinating areas like the birth ceremonies and marriage traditions also find ample space. It includes fascinating articles on festivals, rituals, ceremonies, and demography.

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