Faith and Philosophy of Hinduism (Indian Religion Series-1)

Faith and Philosophy of Hinduism (Indian Religion Series-1)

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Item Code: UAM867
Author: Rajeev Verma
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788178357188
Pages: 333
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Book Description

This book can be best described as a very good introduction for someone who has no prior knowledge of Hinduism. It covers every aspect of Hindu history, beliefs, and practices. It gives a comprehensive chronological development of Hinduism, tracing its development from the ancient origin to its modern form. It covers all rituals and ceremonies. This volume on Hinduism satisfies the need for a vast introductory and a truly international work of reference. The wide range of matter dealt with in this volume present the panoramic view of the Hinduism in its different facets and in different periods of history. In sum, of all the basic books on Hinduism, this book is perhaps the most balanced introduction to the religion.

Dr. Rajeev Verma is an eminent personality in the field of Indology and Vedic Studies. His contribution in these fields i worth mentioning. Born: in 1965, he completed his Post graduation in Political Science from Delhi University in year 1991. In 1995 he was awarded Doctorate in Political Science. He is also a holder of M.A in Vedic Studies from Gurukul Kangri shavidyalaya and title of Jyotish Acharya from Vishva Jyotish Vidhyapith. After completing his PhD., he came into the field of writing and till now has authored a number of books and research papers on various aspects of Hindu religion and astrology. His papers and articles have been published in many national and international journals of reputation. Presently, besides working as an independent consultant, he is also associated with various reputed institutions as a visiting Faculty member.

This volume will appeal to anyone interested in acquiring an authentic grasp of Hinduism as it lives and functions in today's world. The wide spectrum of Hinduism practice is represented here in great detail. The reader will discover the central tenets of Hinduism, Vedas, Karma, Nirvana, and others in terms of their contemporary relevance and active participation in the formation of society and culture. Likewise, commonly practiced rituals are portrayed in terms of their role in living Hinduism.

Hinduism, as a philosophy, a way of life and of course as a faith, has served like a lighthouse for the whole world. It has, as a force, influenced all civilizations. Be it education, social fabric or science. Hinduism has left its impact in all the spheres. In fact, Hinduism is basically a scientific and progressive religion.

This volume, unique in its presentation, is perhaps first of its kind. to take all the great events, developments, and personalities in Hinduism, in its fold. All the significant aspects have been covered in this volume. The painstaking research and thorough study over a period of time, has resulted in an authentic, comprehensive, exhaustive, exclusive, and interesting work, which is bound to fill a big vacuum in Hinduism studies.

A productive bibliography, along with references is provided to prove the authenticity of the work and in order to guide the scholars and readers for further studies. Hopefully, this volume would be able to satisfy the urge of all those who desire to know about real Hinduism and also to create a new awareness, regarding this religion, as a radical discipline. based on reason and opposed to fundamentalism and dogmatism.

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