Father of the Constitution of India

Father of the Constitution of India

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Item Code: UAM558
Author: Swapan Kumar Biswas
Publisher: Siddharth Books, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2022
Pages: 265
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About the Author

SK. Biswas was born in Calcutta on 21st August 1947. He was educated in the scottish Church Collegiate School, College and the University of Calcutta. He passed the I.A.S. etc. Exam. in 1975 and joined the C.S.S. For the last twenty years he has been serving the Government of India from New Delhi. His bureaucratic busy schedule did not stop him from his pursuit of truth of human relations and the society.
He donated the bust-portrait of Dr. Ambedkar for installation in the coming up Library of the Parliament and the lifesize portrait in the Central Hall of Parliament. He was one of the Hon'able members of the National Commttee for the Birth Centenary Celebration of Dr. Ambedkar, Government of India. He is the Member of the Study Circle, Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, Ministry of Welfare, Govt. of India.


Now I am with poor and helpless Arun Shourie & Co. who knows only one thing that Ambedkar was not the architect of the Indian Consti tution and for that, he is singing this song since last more than one year through his toilet paper. I am therefore, furnishing much more informa tion for practising the art of Hitleristic falsehood by Arun Shourie & Co.
Pushya Mitra Sunga in 187 B.C. was not the killer of the Buddhist ruler Brihadrath Maurya, rather Brihadrath Maurya killed Pushya Mitra Sunga, the poor Brahmin. He massacred lakhs of Brahmans @ hundred gold coins per head and created Manu Smriti for defaming, degrading and giving bad name to Brahmins Bhrigu, Ravana and Shambuka were not killed by Rama, but Ravana and Shambuka killed Rama by foul means. Surpanakha, the sister of Ravana slashed the nose and ears of Rama and Laksmana. Ekalavya butchered the right hand thumb of Dronachariya. It was not Shankaracharya who demolished 84 thousand Buddha-stupas and massacred Buddhist monks but Buddhist monks hang Sankaracharya and massacred humble Brahmans.
Somnath temple of Kathiyar was not demolished and looted by Muhammad Gaznavi but the Chief Shankarachya of temple cursed and killed Mahmood to ashes. It was not Rana Sangha who invited Babur for attacking India but Rana Sangha killed Babur at Haldighati. And Kaushalya gave birth to Rama exactly on the very spot and point where Immam was administering Namajin Babri Masjid. Dayanand Saraswati was not poi soned by a Brahman cook but Dayananda Saraswati poisoned the cook. Nathuram Godse, the half panty Brahmin did not kill Gandhi but Gandhi, on the contrary, shot down Nathuram Godse.
Arun shourie & Co. will be very happy to note that Ambedkar was not even a Matriculate and Gandhi was PhD; DSc; DLitt; from Colombia and London University. Ambedkar was not the member of the Viceroy's Executive Council. He was not the Law Minister of India and was not the author of the Hindu Code Bill. When Ambedkar was not elected in the Constituent Assembly how he could write any Constitution? When Ambedkar was not the member and the Chairman of the Drafting Com mittee, how could he draft the Indian Constitution? Ambedkar was noth ing He was a big zero. He was not even born. He was a non-existing figure. Dr. Ambedkar was not the author of the books published by the Govern ment of Maharashtra.

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