The Forlorn Trees

The Forlorn Trees

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Item Code: UAM320
Author: Prem Pradhan
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9789389467802
Pages: 134
Other Details 8.50 X 5.50 inch
Weight 210 gm

Book Description


The novel present here is only a small gift to the Nepali literature In this novel I have tried to see, feel, read, view and understand the mental condition, various, mental instincts and personal internal life of a man. Even though a man is a social creature and staying in the society struggles to live with various social situation and surroundings yet he has his personal life and the effort to search for his personal life and freedom lies within this. Not only the study of the instincts and mind of the characters of the novel, psychoanalysis and the search of the internal life but the effort is made to see and feel the varied aspects of their life. Life's contemplation and search of worth of mental authenticity should be felt, somewhere within the novel. It's not that the social contemplation and the effluence of consciousness haven't touched me. It's also not that the ongoing corruption in the society, the ever-spreading desperation among youths, the mispriced life of a human, the problems that the society and country face, and the collective views of the society, anxiety emotions and racial struggle haven't knocked me. Moreover, I have tried to view and study the characterization of a person, worries of heart and mind, truth, beats and intense and complex reality of life. Accepting a person's inner instinct and internal conflict, reality, related to mental life the varied mind and mentality of characters. have been tried to be taken in here.

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