Gods, False-Gods and The Untouchables

Gods, False-Gods and The Untouchables

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Item Code: UAM561
Author: Swapan k Biswas
Publisher: Siddharth Books, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 9789392569333
Pages: 380
Other Details 9.00 X 6.00 inch
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Book Description


We are under tremendous pressure from the readers of Dalit Voice and others to write a book countering Arun Shourie's diatribes against Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the Father of India. They said that I was the only person capable of effectively replying to Anin Shoune. They gave three rea sons: (1) I was working in the Indian Express when Arun Shourie was its editor and in his writings he had bitterly criticised me also, holding me dan gerous next only to Babasaheb. (2) I was the only person familiar with Arun Shoune from his beginning and ending as a Hindu Nazi agent (3) As the editor of Dalit Voice and author of many books, any reply coming from me will command attention and respect. We rejected all these appeals and re fused to write or speak criticising Arun Shourie.
As expert on Brahminism, we know what exactly its followers want. They want to draw us into a discussion. Controversy is always advantageous to them. As they alone possess a monopoly over the media. What we write will be twisted, suppressed and their replies will be highlighted. Hence any counter to brahminical poisonous propaganda will be counterproductive as long as we do not have a powerful media of our own.
We congratulate SK Biswas for taking a very direct and self-con scious independent approach to expose the truth and philosophy of god hood of the Brahminical School in this book.
The Brahminical social Order has been surviving on lies. They argue that Babasaheb was a pro-British. Yes he was. The British were foreigners. So too the Aryans who were the first foreigners to invade India. Between the two foreigners, the British were kind to the Untouchables, the original inhabitants of India. Aryan Brahminical forces who served as the loyal dogs of every foreigners including the Muslim and British, need not teach patriotism to: Babasaheb and his children who love India, their motherland.
Remember. Hindu Nazis denigrate Babasaheb on one side and also praise him. They only killed M.K. Gandhi and today they only are praising him So any criticism of Babasaheb by them need not be taken seriously be cause they will praise him when it is advantageous to them. Already efforts are on to appropriate Babasaheb, calling him, "a great Hindu reformer". Be tween the Gandhi killer and the Gandhi admirers, we like the former because they are our open and honest enemy Open enemy is better than a dishonest friend. We need more such intellectual honest enemies to whip up sleeping slaves of India and make them angry.

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