Growth of Hindu Religion and Culture

Growth of Hindu Religion and Culture

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Item Code: UAN772
Author: Jagdev Singh
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 9788121208932
Pages: 335
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Book Description

About the Book
The book is a comprehensive treatment of Hindu Religion and Culture. It precisely and systematically delves upon Hindu Religion which is Sanatan, ageless, with its serites embedded in Eternity. According is Hinduism the whole creation is Maya. Starting from Pre-Indus Valley Civilization, book beautyfully discusses in various phases of development and growth of Hindu Religion.

It briefly discusses the growth of Hindu Religion through Vedas, Brahmanas, Sutras, Puranas, Aranyakas, Ashram System and the various Upanishadas. It also details various systems of Indian Philosophy. In addition non vedic systems and their philosophies like. Charvaka, Jainism and Buddhism.

The book delineates authentically the Shaivas, Mother Goddess, the Shaktas, the Vaishnavas, the Ramayana and Mahabharata, ancient epics.

The book also gives realistic account of caste system in India, its origin and development in present context.

In the end the author has given a complete picture of Indian history through ages viz, kingdoms. The Muslim invasion, the Rise of Marathas, British ascendancy, the Indian Independence.

The students, teachers, research scholars will find the book very useful and most informative. The libraries and information and research centres will welcome the addition of this document in Religion, Philosophy and culture section.

About the Author
Brig Jagdev Singh is a graduate in civil engineering from Mciagan College of the Punjab University, Lahore, Punjab, now in Pakistan. He is graduated in 1947. That was a very rough time when the Partition of the Indian subcontinent had been announced, and there were large scale communal riots. Life was insecure and the people of either community literally thirsted for each other's blood. There was a lot of blood shed, all under the governing eyes of the British Govt. who were ruling the country; they spared no efforts to see to it that the two communities decimated each other. Whereas Muslim leaders like Mr. Jinnah did everything to stroke the fires of hatred amongst the people of the two communities, Gandhi and Nehru were strongly in favour of peace and amity. After a lot of blood bath the subcontinent was partitioned into East and West Pakistan; the latter soon declared Bangla independent State of Bangladesh.

Hindu religion claims to be one without beginning, i.e. it came into being with the beginning of time. Its roots are in timelessness, it came into being with the beginning of Creation and would dissolve into eternity once it has run its course. Then it is ready for another round of creation and go through another the cycle, and so the cycles would repeat ad infinitum. Hinduism claims to be Sanatan, ageless, with its routes embedded in eternity, and it takes birth with time, when Shrishti, creation, manifests itself. A lot of what exists as part of creation is the' Sanatanistic Hindu thought and content. It lasts as such till the next cycle is ready and gives the creation a new colour, and substance.

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