The Heartfulness Way Series- Truth Eternal

The Heartfulness Way Series- Truth Eternal

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Item Code: UAI185
Author: Ram Chandra
Publisher: Shri Ram Chandra Mission, India
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789388095167
Pages: 174
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Book Description

About The Book

Truth Eternal is a spiritual treasure written in the early 20th century in the Urdu and Farsi languages and translated into English in the 1970s. It contains knowledge of the universe, the composition of a human being and evolution, taking concepts from the Vedas to a whole new level of understanding. Lalaji writes simply and beautifully, decoding the most profound principles and wisdom for readers around the world.

The book starts with a Foreword by Kamlesh Patel, and an introduction about Lalaji's life and teachings by his disciple and successor, Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur.

About the Author

Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh, known to many as Lalaji, was born in 1873 in U.P., North India. A great sage, he was a spiritual scientist of the highest caliber and a family man of perfect human etiquette and civility.

Lalaji rediscovered the ancient art of Pranahuti or Yogic Transmission, revolutionizing meditation practices so that all interested seekers have the possibility to reach the highest approach in this lifetime. His discovery defines the modern era of spirituality.


Shri Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh was a great saint, sage and spiritual teacher who lived from 1873 to 1931. He is often referred to with great love and devotion as Lalaji. During his lifetime he was honoured and revered by many spiritual and religious groups, and his training in both Sufism and Raja Yoga transcends cultures and spiritual systems, and provides a revolutionary way forward into the modern age of spirituality. His profound scientific research in the field of spirituality led him to remodel the ancient system of Yoga for the modern age.


The medieval and modern periods in the contemporary history of India are regarded as 'dark' periods, which produced intellectual giants but spiritual pygmies. The latent but silent revolt of individual souls against the self-imposed bondage, and the inner craving to reach the destination, materialized from time to time in different modes and manners, shapes and hues, according to the dispositions of the different individuals, but the struggle went on ceaselessly, though perceived only by a few, and the real nature of it could be disclosed to still fewer.

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