Himanchal Pradesh- Polity and Democracy Miscellany of Historical Essays

Himanchal Pradesh- Polity and Democracy Miscellany of Historical Essays

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Item Code: AZF412
Author: V. Verma
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789387587809
Pages: 151 (6 Black and White Illiustrations)
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A peep into the past beyond seventy-five years relating back approximately to the period intervening between the nineteenth century and the middle of twentieth century reveals a depressing picture of the people of Cis-Satluj hills. They were utterly backward; one of the various causes was total absence of contact with the outside world and stark poverty. Their isolation in inaccessible geographical landscape had led to perpetuation of ignorance superstition and centuries-old faith & beliefs. On top of these drawbacks, the paharis were victims of centuries old oppressive and exploitative feudal system. Raja or the Chief, revered as divine figure, was the supreme and sole owner of the land. Individual ownership did not exist; cultivators were mere tenants with no right to the land except the right to cultivate thumb-sized patches conditional on punctual payment of revenue and satisfaction of numerous other state claims.

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