Historical Gleanings (An Old and Rare Book)

Historical Gleanings (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: AZE359
Author: B.M. Barua
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 1976
Pages: 108
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Book Description

About the Author
Dr. B.C. Law, the author is a devoted student of Buddhism and Buddhist literature. The book deals with Taxila as a seat of learning in Sanskrit and Pali literature; the wandering teachers in the time of the Buddha; influence of the five heretical teachers on Jainism & Buddhism; Buddhaghosa's commentaries; the Licchavis in ancient India and Buddha and Niganthas. Foreword is written by Dr. B.M. Barua.

MR. B. C. Law, author of the following monographs, has shown me much kindness in asking me to write a few words as to what I think of his writings. Mr. Law, who is already well known to-us, needs no introduction. He is a devoted student of Buddhism and Buddhist Literature. Most of the monographs included in this book are reprints of articles contributed to the Journals and Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. These will go at once to show that Mr. Law's researches have been confined to Buddhist literature, particularly that in Pali, and that his is mostly a compilation work. However thankless such a task may appear to the general reader, it has an immense value as supplying materials for Indian history, and to me, at least, it is of paramount importance. Though people talk glibly about ancient Indian history, it is those actually working in the field who can realise how uncertain the data are and how scanty the materials which have hitherto been collected. We are not to remain idle under the impression that there is no further need for the work of collection and compilation, nor should we belittle the importance of the works of those like Mr. Law, who have honestly and assiduously been labouring hard to bring together and publish the references from a particular literature bearing upon a particular topic.

THE present treatise is a collection of six essays, dealing with subjects of historical importance. Most of them have been published in the Journals and Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. I have revised the printed essays and verified the references. I am thankful to Dr. B. M. Barua, D.Litt. (Lond.), M.A. (Cal.), for the fore word, and to Dr. Narendra Nath Law, M.A., B.L., P.R.S., Ph.D., for his kindness in including this treatise in his Calcutta Oriental Series.

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