History Archaelogy of Central Assam (From Earliest Time to 12th Century A.D.)

History Archaelogy of Central Assam (From Earliest Time to 12th Century A.D.)

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Item Code: AZF415
Author: Nishipada Deva Choudhury
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9789387587960
Pages: 280 (Throughout Black and White Illustrations)
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Book Description

About The Book

The work takes into its ambit a detailed study of the historical archaeology of Central Assam, a milieu which has not been adequately explored. The area of Central Assam covers the plains and the hills, and the people of these two areas are mingled together to give an integrated picture of the culture. This area occupies a significant position in the entire history of Assam. The tribal people lived in the plains before the advent of the Aryans or the Sanskrit speaking people, in the early centuries of the Christian era. After the occupation of the plains by the Aryans, some of the tribes shifted to the hilly areas. Later, the tribals had some impact of the Aryan culture on them. The archaeological remains of Central Assam testify to the existence of two distinct cultures in this area.

The present work incorporates the results of a thorough exploration of the region of the Central Assam. The field work brings to light some important new materials in the form of pottery, structural remains and sculptures. These results have been critically assessed with the previous known material on the archaeology of the area. Thus the work undertakes the study of the archaeology of Central Assam in a critical and exhaustive manner. A comparative study of archaeological remains of Central Assam with those of some other parts of the country has also been attempted.

The various plates illustrating the prehistoric and protohistoric remains as well as specimens of fine arts of the historical period, enhance the authenticity of the study.

About The Author

Born in 1939 at Patacharkuchi in Kamrup District (Modern Barpeta District) of Assam. Shri Nishipada Deva Choudhury obtained his Master's Degree in Ancient History and Archaeology from Sagar University, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh.

He obtained his Degree of Doctorate of Philosophy from the same University in Historical Archaeology of Central Assam. Dr. Choudhury is actively associated with organizations such as Assam Sahitya Sabha, Assam Academy. Kamarupa Anusandhana Samiti (Assam Research Society) New Art Players, Assam Folklore Society, and others. He has not only edited several literary journals but also has to his credit two books on History. He has also contributed a good number of Research papers.

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