A History of Local Self-Government in Rural Karnataka (An Old and Rare Book)

A History of Local Self-Government in Rural Karnataka (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: AZE158
Author: M. Umapathy
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 1985
Pages: 286
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About the Book
Local Governments are often taken for granted. They deserve all round attention. But the present study is confined to the historical development of modern Local Government in rural Karnataka. Local Governments in ancient medieval Karnataka had a truly local and self-governing character. But in the modern period which began with the British consolidating their hold in the country, centrally. Sponsored and controlled statutory local institutions began emerging. The Princely State of Old Mysore responded positively to these developments. This study details the circumstances, nature and working of the various local Government Statutes and the structures and processes they set in motion, in the field of local Government in rural Karnataka-particularly in the Old Mysore State-especially between 1862 and 1985. A trend discernible through the study is a move towards more and more decentralization and democratization which are inevitable and unavoidable in our age.

Local governments are often taken for granted. But on the efficiency of our local governments depend, the cleanliness, sanitation, public health, public conveniences and an aesthetic environment of our civilisation. In the context of modern democracy and developmental excercise the role of local self governments as grass roots of democracy and of the planning process is becoming more and more obvious day by day for all discerning eyes.

It is in this background that my interest in local self-governing institutions particularly in the very potential Panchayati Raj institutions emerged. Way back in the late Ninteen Sixties and early Seventies this interest manifested itself in the form of a series of articles I wrote on local Self-Government in rural Karnataka particularly in old Mysore State. Later the same expanded into this book.

"In spite of the fact that almost everyone is vitally affected by the activities of the Local Government, there is a widespread lack of appreciation and understanding of the significant role played by it. As the spotlight of citizen interest focusses on national and international affairs and shines less intensely on the activities of State Governments, the functions of local governments may be obscured in the shadows People tend to take their Local Government for granted."

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