Holy Tablets Special Limited edition by Malachi Z York

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Limited Special edition : Hard Cover Special Edition; 8.5 inch (tall) 5.5 inch (wide) black  leather, sewn binding currently limited to 7 copies  with Gold foil blocking to cover & spine, 60gsm paper , Black end papers, with Black book marker, pages trimmed in gold.

Holy Tablets by Malachi Z York 

This is a very thick book 1707 pages of some of the most occult knowledge that I've ever read composed in 1 book. This book was said to be a Divinely revealed scripture that was offered to the people of the Planet Earth from a Cosmic Being named Malachi Z York from the Illyuwn Galaxy number 18 and the Panet Rizq.It covers the original creation of the the Creator, the Cosmos, the multiple dimensions,Universes and the varied beings that were created to govern each creation. It details the extensive history of the many Cosmic Beings or so-called extra-terrestrials that traveled through out the cosmos and then came to the planet earth. Some of the races discussed are called the Annunaki,Maldekians,Reptilians,Greys, Pleiadians,Orions, and much ,much more.He renders the history of Mars , the creation of the moon of our planet, the production of other planets in the solar system and the list goes on and on and on. If religion is your question this book also addresses the origin of the varied religions.


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