How to Read Hand on Scientific Basis

How to Read Hand on Scientific Basis

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Item Code: IDG429
Author: Dr. D.D. Panse
Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8170843397
Pages: 229 (Illustrations: Figures: 54, Hand Prints: 6)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"

Book Description


I have been studying, teaching as well as practicing the science of Palmistry, Astrology and Numerology for the last many years. I have so far examined a large number of hands and in that analyzed the characters of men, women and children pertaining to various categories and given them advice on their intricate problems. A few years back, in 1992, I carried out a research on this subject along with the Criminology and in that carried out an analysis of 200 hundred handprints pertaining to various categories of criminals and also of an equal number of hands pertaining to common men. On making comparisons of both these categories of handprints, I observed that certain specific signs on the hand and their combinations play a major role in indicating criminal tendencies to an individual. Similarly, I also carried out research in the field of matrimony and found out the signs or combinations of signs denoting happy married life, i.e. those signs on the hand, which lead a man towards happiness in married life by making suitable adjustments. I am, therefore, fully convinced about the capacity of the science of Palmistry.

The human hand is a miracle. It is a map showing the details of human life and revealing the potentials of an individual, denoting events which have happened or will happen in his life and providing an accurate measure of both his life psychological and physiological make-up.

On line with other modern sciences, hand analysis is not only a science but it is an art also. It is a systematic body of knowledge with fundamental laws which need to be understood clearly and its real value lies also in the ability of the palmist to weigh properly the good as well as bad signs or markings in the human hand before coming to a final judgment on the character and destiny of the individual.

The history of the science of Palmistry tells us that almost up to the end of 19th Century, it was being reported as an occult study. But during the 20th Century, Western as well as Eastern thinkers carried out scientific research in this field and proved that it does not studied and practiced as any other science.

I strongly feel that the approach to the whole subject of Palmistry needs a radical change and a student of Palmistry should be able to explain intrinsic value of an individual, his inherent virtues, abilities and also drawbacks, so that he can give suggestions and make his life more worthy. It is of no use, knowing only how many children one would beget and whether one would go on foreign travels. What is important in the present age is to know one's abilities and also limitations. A good Palmist can be a good guide in this respect.

A good Palmist is expected to not only possess a thorough knowledge of the subject, but should also have sufficient experience in drawing analysis of a large number of hands. The more intellect, refinement, tact and facility of expression the palmist has, the more he can accomplish. A Palmist further needs to have knowledge of life in all its phases.

The human hand reveals various developments in an individual's life and a Palmist can specialize himself in any one or more of these developments. In the medical field, we find that there is the general medical practitioner as well as specialists, such as Skin specialist, ENT specialist, and Eye specialist, Cardiologist etc. Similarly, we can also have a general palmist who can read the hand and life in a general way as well as a specialist who may study this subject from specific angles of criminology, marriage, vocation, health, psychological attitude etc. If one wants to master any of these aspects, one has to be conversant with the art of interpreting various combinations of a large number of signs and markings found on the hand.

In a well-known Jyotish Institute "Bhalchandra Jyotirvidyalaya" Pune, the subject of Palmistry is being taught along with other subjects such as Astrology, Numerology, and Ramal for the last more than 20 years. Since 1989 till 2000, I was teaching the subject of Palmistry in this institute. In the initial stages, only the theoretical part of this subject was being taught in the institute. But since 1991 onwards, with a view that the students have practical knowledge of the subject of Palmistry, I started teaching, how to read hands on scientific basis. There was a persistent demand from a large number of students about a book giving guidelines on 'How to Read on Scientific Basis'. I found that there was no particular book of this type on the subject and, therefore, under the guidance of Dr. M. Katakkar, I wrote a book in Marathi language which was titled "Karsanket". This book was published in 1994.

Since 1997, I have been attending and delivering lectures on Palmistry in Astrological conferences held at Calcutta, Jamshedpur, Bombay, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Raipur, Colombo-Srilanka. Here, too, most of the people interested in the subject of Palmistry requested me to write a book in English language giving guidelines on How to read hand on scientific basis and with a view to fulfilling their long-standing demand, I decided to write a book on this subject. The title of this book is retained as "How to Read Hand on Scientific Basis."

Aim of the Book

This book is based on the experiences gained by the author in the examination of various categories of hands during the past many years and also the research work carried out by him in the field of criminology and matrimony.

For the progress of any science there is a need of constant research and the science of Palmistry cannot be an exception to this. There is a good scope for further research work on the science of Palmistry.

The author of this book is of the opinion that at the present moment there is a dire need to undertake research work in this subject pertaining to various fields of human life, i.e. Marriage, Vocation, Health, Psychology etc. Day by day, educated people getting interested in this science and this is a good opportunity for making progress in the subject.

We have already seen that the human hand is a map showing the details of human life and revealing the potential of an individual denoting events which have happened or will happened in his life and provides an accurate assessment of both his psychological and accurate assessment of both his psychological and psychological make-up. For getting the full benefit of hand reading, it is quite necessary to carry out its examination on a systematic basis. The main aim of this book is, therefore, to put before the students the various factors of human hand, which need close examinations on scientific lines.

What the Book is about?

This book takes a comprehensive look at the science of Hand Analysis. Efforts have been made to impart scientific knowledge regarding Hand Reading and judicious application of the basic principles of this science would give better results. Keeping this view in mind, the various cheirognomical and cheirognomical factors of hand analysis have been discussed in brief here. Even though, this is not a textbook explaining the theoretical part of the science of Palmistry, efforts have been made to make this volume as independent as possible as independent as possible. The author of this book will be able to understand the basic principles of this science as well its proper application while making hand analysis.


Preface VII
Chapter 1 Map of Hand 1
Chapter 2 Responsibility of the Palmist 5
Chapter 3 Preliminary Arrangements - Rules for Reading Hand 7
Chapter 4 How to Take Handprints 10
Chapter 5 Cheirognomy and Cheiromancy 13
Chapter 6 Scientific Examination of Hand 19
Chapter 7 Salient Features of the Human Hand 21
Chapter 8 Other Important Aspects of Hand 24
Chapter 9 Classification of Hands 29
Chapter 10 Hand as Whole 31
Chapter 11 Significance of Fingers 35
Chapter 12 Finger Tips 43
Chapter 13 Individual Fingers 47
Chapter 14 Types of Fingers 50
Chapter 15 Significance of Nails 54
Chapter 16 Message of Thumb 58
Chapter 17 Plain Mars 64

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