Humanist Values- A Source Book (Enlarged Edition)

Humanist Values- A Source Book (Enlarged Edition)

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Item Code: AZE526
Author: D.D. Bandiste
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788176466288
Pages: 262
Other Details 8.50x5.50
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Book Description

About the Book
Book. Although there is much of inculcating humanist values the people, and although is urgently necessary, this one continues the only book field.

This book of immense every well-meaning person especially so the social reformers, teachers, students. By coincidence, were that useful the candidate’s venous competitive examinations. adding relevant topics to original edition book, their need is now almost completely satisfied. Two values. Truth; Friendship, have also been added. Subject-matter of some earlier chapters has also improved.

Humanist Values those objectives intend satisfy the and ambitions arising out progressing and an enlightened society. The whole book written in extremely lucid and clear style.

About the Author
Dr. D.D. Bandiste bore Maharashtra in 1923. He was educated various provinces in University), M.A. (Philosophy), M.A. (Psychology), LL.B. (Banaras Hindu University) and Ph.D. University). The topic of Ph.D. research "The Ethics Bertrand Russell".

After philosophy in colleges affiliated to vanous universities, retired in 1981, Professor of Philosophy, Govt and Commerce College, Indore He attends various philosophical meets. His main interests are Rationalism and Humanism. He delivered the special endowment Hay lecture the World Philosophical was interviewed the (Belfast, U.K.) 2000 his views religion.

I am happy to present to the public this enriched second edition of my book: Humanist Values: A Source Book. I am very much thankful to Shrii Praveen Mittal, M.D. BRPC (India) Ltd. for publishing it. Although there is so much talk of inculcating humanist values in the people, this continues to be the only comprehensive book on the subject. Of course this book is useful to the teachers, politicians, social reformers, parents and the other intelligentsia. By coincidence it was found that this book is also helpful to the candidates of various competitive examinations. Addition of seven more chapters to the earlier edition will go a long way in helping the candidates in particular and every well-meaning person in general. The new enrichment has tremendously increased the value and utility of this book.

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