I am Proud to be a Sikh

I am Proud to be a Sikh

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Item Code: AZI109
Author: Gurbachan Singh Makin
Language: Punjabi and English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 8176472034
Pages: 104 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.00x6.00 inches
Weight 237 gm

Book Description


It gives me great pleasure, satisfaction and pride in writing about a topic, which should have been thought of long ago. But Lord's Will (hukam) prevails and when the time comes, the Lord gives us enough thought and ordains about carrying out a certain task.
The birth of Khalsa Panth' in 1699 (Baisakhi) is an unparalleled operation in History, carried out so multiculously by the tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh, that till today nobody knows exactly how it took place, but the result was there before everyone. Without going into those details, it stands to reason to mention as to the present position of the Sikhs in the modern world community today .The topic has been dealt with under the following headings
(i) My Origin Birth
(ii) My foundation
(iii) My Guru-Sabad Guru
(iv) My heritage
(v) My Guru's philosophy
(vi) Guru Granth Sahib-My Guide
(vii) My Identity
(viii) My Ideal of Life (Jivan Mukat)
(ix) My Mission in Life
(x) My Festivals (xi) My (The Sikh) Art of living
(xii) My Prayer (Ardas)
(xiii) Conclusion.
The main function of a Sikh was detailed by the Guru to lead a pious, honest and life of dedication towards the common good of the mankind, as the Tenth Master has said,
"Manas ki jaat sabhai ekai pechanbo."

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