Immortal Life: The Mukti Marg of Sri Jesus

Immortal Life: The Mukti Marg of Sri Jesus

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Item Code: AZH158
Author: Dhanjibhai Fakirbhai
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9789388789561
Pages: 195
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Book Description

About The Book

The teachings of Sri Jesus and his first disciples are the focus of Dhanjibhai's text, but he does not slavishly follow the text of the Bible. This English translation follows Dhanjibhai's work closely, thus does not reproduce any English translation of either the Bible or the words of Jesus.

Jesus Christ and his teachings have been analysed and interpreted from many different perspectives through the centuries since he lived. Immortal Life joins that chorus of presentations, presenting Jesus within Sanskritic traditions with a focus on allegiance to God from the heart (bhakti).

About the Author

Dhanjibhai Fakirbhai composed his Sri Hriday Gita in Gujarati in the 1950s. It has been celebrated ever since as a creative introduction to and interpretation of Jesus Christ, embracing many terms and ideas from traditional Indian thought.


India is a virtual continent and has more than five thousand years of recorded history. It is the largest of the South Asian countries with a population of over one billion and is the world's largest democracy. Despite great diversity of culture, language, religion, caste and traditions, India has mostly been ruled under democratic procedures since its independence in 1947 from the British colonial rule (except during the Emergency from June 1975 1977). Political development in India goes far back in history with Kautilya's Arthashastra acknowledged as one of the oldest known treatise on statecraft and polity. The Arthashastra dwells at great length on different aspects of political administration and communication and continues to have a bearing on contemporary politics. The Indian national movement was one of the most broad-based anti-colonial mass movements in history. India drew its strength from the political philosophies of non-violence, peace and disarmament which continued to sustain it despite the incessant invasion of this ancient country by foreign powers for many centuries an unparalleled experience by any nation. These invasions did make their impact on India but the essential ideals continued to be affirmed by the people. India's recent political history is studded with several great leaders as Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, Vallabhbhai Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru, V.K. Krishna Menon, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and Indira Gandhi.

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